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Why Millennials Are Mad About Millennial Monopoly? - @DiscoverDior

Millennials mad about Millennial Monopoly is the most Millennial thing.
This is hilarious...Please tell me there is something about being perpetually offended somewhere in the game!?

They should be mad. How does this happen? Yeah, all the older generations are buying up the game while driving away future generations from buying their products makes good business sense.

How To Play Monopoly For Millennials?  All of the low rent properties are just different rooms in your parent's house.

Maroon: Parent's Garage, Murphy bed in Den that used to be your room.Light Blue: Your Old Room, Parent's Basement, Attic. Fucia: Pool House, Grand-parent's Spare Room, Family Rental Condo.
Someone should be fired for misreadign how amazing millennials are and how much they share our values, they jsut want to do it differntly, but like this.

Well, according to an article published by By Alyssa Newcomb posted in NBCNEWS.

Hasbro’s new “Monopoly for Millennials” isn’t winning too many fans i…

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