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Content Inspiration: Travel Gift Guide + New Commission Increases (Discover Dior)

Looking For Inspiring Content? Here's A Useful Travel Gift Guide + New Commission Increases -

By incorporating these top-selling products into your content, you can take advantage of VigLink-exclusive deals. And remember — gift guides are always a great way to engage your audience. 

For more tips on how to create a successful gift guide, see our past post, “How to Create a Successful Gift Guide for your Blog.” Be sure to scroll to the bottom for our latest commission increases!

The following are some key items that you too can incorporate to inspire you to promote great content: Travel Gift Guide + New Commission Increases.
S'well is the perfect travel accessory. The Satin Collection boasts a vivid kaleidoscope of colors featured in a semi-matte finish. By adding a pop of color, this collection creates an illuminated feel contrasting any neutral space.The iconic Birkenstock sandal is now set on a softer-than-ever, shock-absorbing footbed with an extra layer of plush foam cushion…

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