Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Millennials Guide to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) - DiscoverDior

The basics of SEO for Millennials - how to use SEO to increase your website traffic.

When you first enter the world of search engine optimization (SEO), you may feel intimidated at the sheer volume of things to learn. When it comes to SEO, think like your audience. What words and phrases would they use to search for you.

Search Engines - 

Google was not the first search engine. Uber was not the first ride sharing or food delivery company. The list goes on and on. You don’t have to be first win. Like Drake says "It's not about who did it first, it's about who did right."

The Basics of Search Engine -

To improve rankings and drive traffic, SEO encompasses both creative and technical elements while focusing on marketing a discipline for growing visibility in organic search engine results.According to Neil Patel "Your bounce rate is simply a measure of how many people view only one page on your site before immediately leaving again.

Content, loading times, usability, and attracting the right readers are all part of decreasing your bounce rate. The math is simple – the right readers will spend more time on a site that loads fast, looks good, and has great content." - NP

Five Ways To Decrease BounceRate 

  1. Optimize site for Mobile
  2. Rewrite existing content
  3. Speed Up Load time 
  4. Cut Down Ads 
  5. Right use of Call To Action 

Keyword Research - If you are a biz with no physical premises:

  • Do your keyword research
  • See if there is a business case for building local LPs.
  • Group keywords with implicit and explicit local intent
  • Check the results for those queries
Backlinks are overrated. That means much more & improved relevant keyword suggestions based on state of the art Natural Language Processing. If you've done a good job with keyword research, you don't need any backlinks to rank in Google. Keyword research just got a double shot. Similar keywords research now provides not only better data but also up to 50x more results. 


SEO Made Simple: A Step-by-Step Guide

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

4 Social Media Tips For Marketing To Millennials On Social Media - DISCOVERDIOR

Millennials On Social-Media Are An Increasingly Important Marketing Demographic - Here are some tips on how to target them.

It is only on social media that your business can reach every single demographic with your product and/or service. The bottom-line here is don’t spread yourself too thin by focusing your time, budget, and energy on social campaigns that may not work for your demographic. 
"Forbes Slackful 'Self-Made' Kylie Jenner Backlash

Forbes Dubbed Kylie Jenner 'self-made' & social media went crazy! (Self-Made or White Privilege?!!) " - according to Slackful 

For example, Kylie Jenner is just as famous as Kim K within the demographic the company sells to. She is skilled at social media marketing (though KUWTK was a *huge* runway), but that's basically it. She's very far from being a "top entrepreneur".

Each social media platform attracts a different demographic. I’m doing research on demographic/psychographic segments of social networks for a social media marketing course, & I keep coming across articles correlating IG use to depression. Clearly it’s not surprising, but to see empirical research prove what we all know is disheartening.

For YOUR target audience, 1 or 2 platforms will be most ideal. Well, the best marketing strategy. Know your demographic. Walmart's 'Impeach 45' apparel caused social media outcry.

"Walmart's 'Impeach 45' apparel causes social media outcry, calls for boycott of retailer." USA Today 

But also consider which platform you'll be most comfortable on. The sooner you embrace new methods for reaching this demographic, the sooner you’ll see your business grow. Here are some useful tips.

4 Social Media Tips:

  1. following and being active on other small business accounts in your demographic will help increase your social media traffic. Don’t be afraid of your competitors!  
  2. Finding where your audience is vital to growing your business on social media. There is no use marketing to a Z generation demographic on Linkedin If they hang out on snapchat or Instagram.
  3. Understand your Audience! Identify your target demographic Identify the psychographic Develop your brand. Identify marketing communication platforms. Grow your success.
  4. Never Court Millennials as a demographic. If you manage to be successful, which in all likelihood you will end more like Target you limit your social proof for when that target market disappears while alienating yourself from every other market.  
Some marketing statistics and demographic Info for social media platforms. We are two different demographic, To see a movie I'm only influenced by media marketing. And in the social era I think it's more a matter of new media marketing than cinema trailers. It is still a right logic (competitors and marketing) but with so many 1/2. You might already know this info but never hurts to stay on top of things. Would love to hear any comments.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

IGTV Vertical Streaming Trend - SocialNetworkTrends

What is IGTV? Instagram TV is a new vertical video streaming service, not limited to one minute. 

Record video blogs, behind the scenes clips and makeup tutorials. Here's how to get it now.

According to the info center on Instagram "IGTV is different in a few ways. First, it’s built for how you actually use your phone, so videos are full screen and vertical. Also, unlike on Instagram, videos aren’t limited to one minute. Instead, each video can be up to an hour long."

How To Get IGTV?

This is how I did it, and you can do it as well. The best way to get instant access to Instagram's new video hub IGTV, open the app from a tab inside your Instagram home-screen. Instagram users with 10,000 followers or more will be able to post videos up to an hour long. However anyone will be able to post to IGTV.

The quote goes on to say that, "after a shocking Instagram press announcement "Update: We launched IGTV at an event in San Francisco featuring many of the Instagram creators who’ll make IGTV great. Check out the video of the event to learn what IGTV is, how it works and see it come to life. 

Today, we have two big announcements to share. First, Instagram is now a global community of one billion! Since our launch in 2010, we’ve watched with amazement as the community has flourished and grown. This is a major accomplishment — so from all of us at Instagram, thank you!

Second, we’re announcing our most exciting feature to date: IGTV, a new app for watching long-form, vertical video from your favorite Instagram creators, like LaurDIY posting her newest project or King Bach sharing his latest comedy skit. While there’s a stand-alone IGTV app, you’ll also be able to watch from within the Instagram app so the entire community of one billion can use it from the very start."

Doesn't seem like an awful idea. In general, social media stars constantly say they need to be putting out content all the time (which is understandable).. but also.. it'd be nice if there weren't countless 30+ minute videos posted every day.. I need a break and more time.

IGTV vs. YouTube -

In an article titled "With IGTV, Instagram Takes Aim at YouTube, posted in Wired says that - "From both a consumption and a content-creation perspective, IGTV is going directly up against YouTube, which just announced it has more than 1.9 billion monthly logged-in users, and is already well established as a place for creators to distribute long form video."

I've used it to created a vlog for an upcoming project for millennials in SEO, it seems okay as long as it doesn’t sabotage Youtubers. I’ll always stick with Youtube, it’s what I know and love and all my favorite creators like you guys are on there!

What do you think of IGTV?

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Trump Sign Mexican Executive Order - SocialNetworkTrends

Trump Sign Mexican Executive Order To End Family Separations - Why Mexican Government Remain Silent?

What is the Mexican government doing to help these, their own people? does their own government not care about these people? In all of this very thorny problem to solve no one seems to ask the question. On the other hand it seems as if many of these desperate people are not Mexican at all. They are coming through Mexico.

Who's Really Crossing The U.S.-Mexican Border

In an article from Forbes titled "Who's Really Crossing The U.S.-Mexico Border". The following quote stated "Central America is now responsible for most of the fluctuation in illegal migrant flows northward. Three countries in particular -- Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador -- account for the bulk of non-Mexican migrants arrested at the U.S.-Mexico border. Because these countries are much smaller than Mexico, they will never come close to supplying a migration surge on the scale of that seen from Mexico in the 1980s and 1990s."

It is my opinion that Trump is solving a problem critics blame him for creating. The President reversed his policy in a way that families will be detained together. The President says that he felt strongly about it because he actually heard audio of the children crying. Congress will work on two separate bills tomorrow as today marks world refugee day.

Before long it will be something else. No one had the courage to fix it. Now let's see what the democrats complain about next. Build the wall and let the wall "be the bad guy." Another article titled

Trump Retreats on Separating Families, Signing Order to Detain Them Together

posted in the NewYorkTimes reveal that “We’re going to have strong, very strong borders but we are going to keep the families together,” Mr. Trump said as he signed the order at the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office. “I didn’t like the sight or the feeling of families being separated.”

The order said that officials will continue to criminally prosecute everyone who crosses the border illegally, but will seek to find or build facilities that can hold families — parents and children together — instead of separating them while their legal cases are considered by the courts.

Mr. Trump’s executive order directed the government’s lawyers to ask for a modification of an existing 1997 consent decree, known as the Flores settlement, that currently prohibits the federal government from keeping children in immigration detention — even if they are with their parents — for more than 20 days." The quote supports the theory that, this is still a portion of a zero tolerance policy, and now we can keep illegal children at the border before sending them back instead of having them integrate into society. This is a huge win for us.

Friday, March 9, 2018

When Does President Trump Get His Nobel Peace Prize?

(Nobel Peace Prize Nominee)

In 2009 Obama won a participation-style Nobel Peace Prize for literally doing nothing.  

It's Ironic how Obama got a Nobel prize for peace, yet left the Middle East in pieces. Just handed out to him. Ironically causing more divide after 2009. If Kim Jung Un agrees to give up nuclear weapons — and actually does it — Donald Trump deserves the Nobel Peace Prize. I'm sure the crooked media will try to give it to Kim. Kardashian??? Maybe.

Some even say that even though it would be entirely Moon's doing? Makes sense. Obama should give his to Trump. At least Trump tried.

Moon is the one who threatened to blow up Pyongyang if N Korea didn’t stop their provocations? Crazy, I could've "swore" that it was exclusively S. Korean delegations who have been talking with North Korea over the past weeks/months--you know, diplomacy.

If Trump brings peace to the Korean peninsula, Obama's Nobel peace prize should be rescinded, immediately, and a Participation trophy mailed out for replacement. But yes, it was all because of those bellicose Twitter threats. Just took a few months to sink in. But won’t happen. Western organizations from ESPN to Nobel are run by decadent elites.

So when does President Trump get his Nobel Peace Prize?  Screw them. A new medal should be created in honor of DJT. Nobel awards mean nothing. Trump deserves much better.Perhaps right after the MSM becomes a news organization.

According to Social Network Trends " Trump and Kim will meet in NYC". A Nobel Peace Prize was given to Obama. If Trump solved the Korean situation, ended the Syrian Civil War & resolved the Israel-Palestine conflict, he still wouldn't win the Nobel Peace Prize. "A person appears to have stolen someone's identity to nominate President Trump for the Nobel Peace Prize — for the second year in a row. 

Olav Njolstad, director of the Norwegian Nobel Institute and secretary of the Norwegian Nobel Committee, which awards the Peace Prize", told The Washington Post. The Nobel Prize is nothing more than the biggest leftist virtue signal in the world. Obama received one for absolutely NOTHING.

It's really not a cool thing anymore. A little more respect would be a much better show of appreciating his accomplishments. Why would he want a corrupt Marxist status symbol. Knowing the Nobel Prize as they've done all these years, they would give the award to Hillary just to piss him off. Jimmy Carter got the Prize this way, because they wanted to give W the middle finger.

If Obama got a Nobel peace prize despite the fact he drone stroked between 384 and 807 civilians. Charles Manson should get one. He was responsible for less deaths. Only Obama gets one before doing anything. Trump will have to not only bring NOKO to heal but also get Pelosi to speak intelligently and raise the lost city of Atlantis to be considered.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Bulletproof Backpack Functionalities

The bulletproof doesn't wear off. Read this review. It all depends on the model and brand. 

The Guard Dog Security ProShield Pro Bulletproof Backpack, NIJ Certified IIIA is not durable at all. I'm still trying to send it back but they don't want to give me a shipping label. We got the second one and it did not last but a month and a few days then it tore. Fortunately, I have not had the opportunity to see if the bulletproof part lacks in quality also heavy with no signs of wear up to this point. Even the normal tear and wear will be much less visible and it should still look good in years from now.

The small outer lower side pockets useless as is-they need a second zipper or the zipper needs to be reversed so it closes at the top of pocket instead of the bottom. The shoulder straps have a carry pocket for electronics, a strap for sunglasses and it has plastic round loops for pulling the shoulder straps for fit. The contact points are reinforced with gel foam. The back of the pack is also reinforced with gel foam.

Functionalities -
However, I love how sturdy and well-made the Guard Dog Security ProShield 2 Bulletproof Backpack is. I expect this to last for many years to come. It is a bit heavy, that is the only drawback. But I'm more at ease sending him to school, that I've done my best to protect him from the crazies in this world. The forward most division, closest to your back has a compartment for an MP3 player that actually has a cable connecting to the shoulder strap so no cable is exposed. These days with Bluetooth, that isn't necessary. This is also where the laptop, a separate compartment. The backpack measures 14x11x20.5. Files or books can go as well. I bought another one for my son at college. Following the San Bernardino shootings, is that it is rated only for pistol-caliber weapons. It will not stop an AK47 or AR15. Not sure, hopefully, we won't ever find out. Although it is constructed of polyethylene which is the same material found in police grade bulletproof vests.

It's functional and works well for carrying the books required for classes. For cheaper bags the life cycle is easily one school season or less. I think it's the price point that mostly elevates the expectation here so I'm not quite sure on where this should land. Everything from the handle (steel braided cord by the way), to the straps, to the cushion, to all the sewing for the pockets has held strong and tight. I have loaded this bag up before, and has been with me on many cross-country trips since I got it this last year (primary reason I got it was for how many airports I would be visiting, sad isn't it?) Fortunately, I have no experience on the bulletproof feature yet, kinda wish the bullet resistant panel was removable (sewn in), but otherwise decent bag.

Friday, February 23, 2018

Snapchat Respond To Kylie Jenner Tweet

Snapchat responded to Kylie Jenner Tweet after she tweeted that she doesn’t open SnapChat anymore. SNAP lost over a BILLION dollars in market value. After the mega superstar posted the tweet on Twitter. 

When a 20-year-old can post a Tweet and your company loses a Billion dollars; you may want to rethink your business model.

Instagram doesn't need to do much anymore, Snap's redesign just accelerating the collapse of the crap platform.

What a sad state of affairs when markets listen to people with the IQ of a baked bean.

If your decisions in life are influenced by this family, then please stop breathing. After Snap's last update I can't see anyone using it. They basically changed into a giant selection of ads; moving personal stories and conversations to the back seat.

Due to Snapchat's new redesign. Snappers complained and took to other social media sites like Twitter to express their anger.
"Snap (SNAP) stock closed down 6% on Thursday after the reality TV star said she is no longer using the app. The plunge wiped about $1.3 billion off the company's market value.

Jenner has been one of Snapchat's most influential users" according to CNN so this is the reason why Snapchat responded back to the Kylie Jenner Tweet.

We've reached an evolutionary dead end when the Jenners and Kardashians have this much influence in society.

Well according to Recode "Snapchat’s redesign was meant for your friends, and celebrities aren’t your friends, says CEO Evan Spiegel. Kylie Jenner doesn’t like the Snapchat redesign — but Snap didn’t change things for her". Could Kylie face a huge lawsuit over a controversial tweet?

I stopped using Snapchat when Instagram stories came out. This happens. Keep your app fresh otherwise, it will suffer from other innovative apps taking over. Snapchat app was too large, and I was honestly bored of seeing the same people's stories of them drinking every weekend and lipsynching in their car to lame music. I find more creative and interesting people and stories on Instagram.

The fact Jenner wiped out $1.3B of Snapchat’s market value with just one tweet, makes her a fucking LEGEND...I had a similar issue with Snapchat on Aug 30, 2017, · Please read Snap, Inc. v. Malkam Dior