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The Purpose Is Profit: Book Review (

Do you feel the pull to start your own business?
Do you feel the pull to start your own business?
Tired of working for others and dealing with office politics, eager for control and more money, Ed "Skip" McLaughlin certainly felt it. When he left his high-level corporate position to start not one but two new businesses, his colleagues' reaction was disbelief:

People told me I was crazy. "You are going to fail!"

Just finished reading "The Purpose is Profit" in one sitting. Ed successfully combines nuts & bolts, nitty-gritty details about the inner workings of a large, very successful start-up with practical, actionable advice for business new-comers. This works so well because he weaves in the story of his own venture from pre-launch to exit. This narrative component kept my attention and focus to the very end. I was also struck by the importance that he places on relationships and integrity - that one need not eschew moral convictions to s…

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