Ivanka Trump Perfume Best Seller On Amazon.

Bitch I'm trending. Sorry Macy's and Nordstroms. The kids love Ivanka. Ivanka's scent! love it! Great! It comes from her intelligence, her physical and spiritual beauty, her talent and love! Yup democrats are sexist, hate the fact that she's a strong independent woman.

Liberals and the media have been extremely nasty to her for no reason. Especially CNN. She looks like a Greek or Roman goddess. Or is she the goddess of American freedom? Why would anyone lose sleep over a multimillionaire's struggling brand?
After Kellyanne just announced; White House basement clearance sale All PRESIDENTS' DAY Weekend! Buy Ivanka Trump brand* almost immediately social media said Trump supporters buying it in gallons to cover up the smell of steel reserve beer and J&M cigarettes. I am laughing continuously. The stench and lack of verbage with the non-trump supporters and their not-funny hats is more than atrocious and completely lacking in class!

Boy this is some funny one sided stuff! I love it! This cheers me up on a Friday night for sure! I don't buy stuff on Amazon but I might now just because I might like to just think for myself whether I like it or whether she will! I can't wait, she smells pretty good with just soap and water, but if the perfume makes her smell better that is a win, win as we say in the South!Reviews include people gushing that "I bought this perfume in support of Ivanka Trump" and "the perk of this scent is that it's a liberal repellent as well!!!!" Racked muses that part of the popularity of the perfume comes from the fact that it is a relatively inexpensive Ivanka Trump item: " A bottle costs $36.38 on Amazon and a roll-on version just $15, versus $83.20 for a dress or $275 for a bag," Racked writes. I love to read liberals spewing venom at Trump and his family because it means they ceased their genocide against unborn babies for a moment. Do people even take the time to read more about her net worth instead they slam the Presidents daughter before complimenting her. The leader of the fake news aka CNN branded very fake news could have just written, "Ivanka Trump's perfume is a best seller."



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