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Photo Credit: Tim Cook Holding Up A Tablet With Malkam Dior On Screen.
As a beginner in SEO the tendency is to use popular keywords that everyone else is using. As a well known fact, Google is the leader in search engine usage. Most people aim to rank high on Google because it brings more traffic to your website and most of all it's free. When using Google most people type in a search term to find whatever it is that they are looking for. Google tries to deliver the best results for your search. As a website owner you should want your website to be the first search result users see when searching for products and services that you are offering.

Search engines usually rank major corporations and businesses that have been established for a very long time on the first page. Keywords are a great tool for online users to find your website or blog on Google. Do not use popular keywords for your new website because, their are so many other legitimate companies who are already listed and competing for high rankings. If you have a brand new website, it's going to be almost difficult to compete with major corporations.

Along with high quality content, ads, and promotional tools. It's better to use " long-tail keywords" which are four or five keywords that are niche specific. here are three methods that you can use to get better ranking for your long-tail keywords. you can sky rocket your SEO result, get traffic and boost the ranking significantly. Tumblr, Weebly and Wordpress which is similar to the private blog network. basically you will create three different mini blogs for each social media property and leveraging the social ranking power of all three to boost the ranking of your website, videos, and or blog.

When writing your mini blog you should aim for about 300-400 words. Embed videos, use exact keywords and tags. You should also add a few related links. Keep in mind when wringing your mini-blogs that is all about quality over quantity. In the long run you'll end up doing less work with high quality blogs.

Photo Credit: Chief Executive Officer of Apple Inc., Tim Cook Holding Up A Tablet With Malkam Dior On Screen.



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