Trump vs. Lavar Ball - Thanksgiving Clapbacks

Lavar Ball: you still eating? Trump: you still stealing? - Are you just waiting on ThanksgivingClapBack tweets? Here are the best Lavar Ball  vs. Donald Trump Thanksgiving clap backs online.

Lavar Ball vs. Trump -
Trump: How's his GPA? Lavar Ball: Better than your marriage.
Trump: How they grades?? Lavar Ball: Just like your weave. NOT on track. Trump: I heard he started smoking weed...hmm how’s ya boys grades looking?  Lavar Ball: I heard you got fired... how’s them bills looking?

Lavar Ball: you gained some weight. Trump: that happens when you consume something besides crack.
Trump: “Why you always on your phone ?” Lavar Ball: “Why your daughter always on her knees?”
Trump: I always knew you were a little gay Lavar Ball: yeah? did you always know you’re second wife was too?

Trump: Why you got all them tattoos? The Bible says you not supposed to have those.
Lavar Ball: Why you got so many baby mommas? The Bible says you not supposed to have those.

Trump: “How are you on your third plate?”
Lavar Ball: “How are you on your third wife?”

Trump: You keep eating like that and you’ll get fat.
Lavar Ball: I see you’re speaking from experience.
Trump: You still not going to church?
Lavar Ball: You still supporting a man who bragged about sexually assaulting women?

Round Two -
Trump: still single I see. Lavar Ball: still don’t know if that’s yo child I see.
Trump: "Phones aren't allowed at the dinner table."
Lavar Ball : "and You aren't allowed within 100 yards of a elementary school!".
Trump: damn you finally growing some facial hair i see.
Lavar Ball: I see your wife is too.
Trump: Your mom been telling me you need to raise your GPA
Lavar Ball: Your wife been telling me you need to raise your kids.



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