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We review our March 2018 trip to Paso Robles, a popular wine production region in Central California. 

The city is just north of San Luis Obispo, and is a favorite spot for visiting vineyards and wine tasting. We include our visit highlights and some tips to prepare you for your trip to Paso!

Long considered a necessary interlude on the way to somewhere else, this once-sleepy stretch has become a destination in its own right. 
So amazingly popular that it has had to move out of its namesake town 18 mile south to Monterey, the two-day Castroville Artichoke Food... With more than 4,000 wineries statewide, California lets you sample award-winning wines almost anywhere you go.

Travelers are finally catching on to what locals have known long all along: the Central Coast of California offers quiet beauty, agricultural bounty, and some of the best wines in the state.

Coastal enclaves such as Cayucos, which self-identifies as “the last of the California beach towns,” and Pismo Beach, where monarchs flock to eucalyptus groves every winter, still feel refreshingly low-key — despite major updates like Vespera on Ocean, a 124-room resort overlooking the Pacific which opened in October. 

Our Followers usually ask, How far is Cayucos from Morro Bay?

There are 5.82 miles from Cayucos to Morro Bay in southeast direction and 6 miles (9.66 kilometers) by car, following the CA 1 route. Cayucos and Morro Bay are 7 minutes far apart, if you drive non-stop

If you are just interested in visiting stellar wineries, Paso Robles is a great region to visit. You can do it on your own or they also offer tours now in Paso Robles. Some of our favorite are Sculpterra due to the art and sculptures.

In the Paso Robles area, young gun winemakers thinking outside the barrel continue to draw a cult following. Stay at the Piccolo, a new urban extension of the Paso Robles Inn, and taste for yourself at the recently opened Tin City, an industrial complex that’s home to 23 small-production wineries. Quaint San Luis Obispo is getting overdue credit thanks to a budding restaurant scene and super chic hotel arrivals: check out the Hotel San Luis Obispo, from the team behind Hotel Healdsburg, and Hotel Cerro, opening soon with a rooftop pool and in-house distillery. 

Further north, the more rural communities of Cambria and San Simeon retain the same countryside charm that attracted William Randolph Hearst to build his enchanting Hearst Castle, which celebrates its centennial this year. 

With sand and surf, food and wine, stunning hikes, and historic architecture, now is the time to go before the secret’s out. —Tanvi Chheda



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