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Effective SEO Techniques - Techniques that Search Engines Recommend -

A simple step-by-step guide that teaches you how to fully execute search engine optimization strategies that actually works with complete transparency.
This SEO blog will teach you proven search engine optimization tactics that will:

- Improve your Search Rankings in Google      Search Results - Increase Organic Traffic to your Website - Boost your Marketing ROI & - Help you Bypass Competitors Online

Many people and companies make search engine optimization out to be a complicated process that not-just-any-ordinary human could possibly wrap their mind around.

Check out these steps to SEO success here: This search engine optimization strategy guide will help you achieve massive success online.

Search Ranking -
Add a video above the fold. Video is the simplest way to improve UX and, as a result, search ranking for keywords in a title or h1. 
So many clients are afraid that they will post "amateur" video... the content is what matters, you don't have to be Steven Spielberg …

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