How Facebook Hacks Your Smartphone

It's like Facebook was listening to the conversation. Anyone else get Facebook ads for things that you have never googled? I've recently had a conversation about shrimp and lobster? The app instantly posted Red Lobster and Joe's Crab Shack ads on my timeline. I find it disturbing when I see adverts on facebook mentioning things I said in conversation. Your phone really is listening to you!!

The following quote (according to Forbes) confirms the finding that Facebook is actually using your phone's microphone to listen in on you. “We only access your microphone if you have given our app permission and if you are actively using a specific feature that requires audio. “Facebook does not use microphone audio to inform advertising or News Feed stories in any way. Businesses are able to serve relevant ads based on people’s interests and other demographic information, but not through audio collection." Which makes me even more uncomfortable with a lot of questions, does it track non-users across the internet? How does the app recognizes my own voice from anyone else that might be in a room?

So I’m thinking of getting rid of the Facebook apps on my phone. I barely use them and their tracking features scare me. Facebook just ask me to enable Wifi locations. That sound like a tracking device. I'll pass. Here are a few easy steps to prevent social media sites like Facebook to not access your microphone without your permission. Go into your Facebook page settings tab and manually turn off the microphone. To prevent other social media websites from knowing your exact location you can go into the location settings tab and turn off the automatic location feature. Also when using the internet from local and private WiFi hotspots use the "enable WiFi locations" to decline that feature. The best way to understand what kind of access social media websites have to your personal information is to thoroughly read the terms and conditions before you register and or download an app.



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