What Is Amazon Alexa?

Amazon Alexa Review
Here are some trending questions and answers about Alexa and the Amazon Echo. Alexa is a new voice assistant service offered by Amazon in the form of a hands-free speaker that controls other smart devices such as your television, music player and gaming devices.Which is also very similar to Google Home. Alexa also provides information via the internet and can also control your home security system via systems like Nest Learning Thermostat, 3rd generation, it's compatible with the Amazon Alexa system.

Do you like the Echo?Well it's a viral social media trend. I think it's good for music/podcasts, but lacks on its search capabilities, an area where Google will thrive. The voice recognition is poor on top of poor skills. It fails to play what I ask for on Spotify around 70% of the time. My girlfriend really want an amazon echo but because they call it "Alexa" and I don't think our house is big enough for the two women. My two roommates with matching Amazon Echoes are furious that I yelled "Alexa, self-destruct" and are demanding I pay to replace them. A fun tip the Amazon Echo really cuts short any family arguments about movie trivia, because the answers are available on voice demand. Because I love to cook Amazon's Alexa can assist me with step by step instructions on thousands of recipes in the kitchen. While playing around with my new Amazon Echo, I occasionally find myself telling Alexa "thank you" after she does something. It's an odd thing to do, considering the Echo doesn't really do anything my phone can't, but keeps happening. Feels "natural" I suppose. So basically either I'm way too polite to my Echo, or I'm a complete prick to my phone.

While Alexa cost $179 on Amazon of course, Google Home will cost $129 and taps Google search, maps: It's like an inevitable showdown between Amazon Alexa and the Google... Look out Alexa — Google Home cost $50 less than Amazon Echo, and taps into Google search, maps. Amazon and Intel created a great reference design for smart speakers with Alexa. Logical move to lower cost.



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