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The kids want to know. Headkrack gives you the dish, Gary gives Tea. Porsha is a RHOA snitch and Da Brat talks celebrity gossip out of the side of her lip glossed mouth. It's comedy, satire, and a fusion of ghetto news satire. Da Brat needs to slow down on the deep dish! Why does the media always praise celebrities for doing things most people do daily? Like celebrities are still people, chill out. What is the difference between Dish Nation and The Rickey Smiley show? Gary with the Tea makes my day! What is wrong with Dish Nation, the change is crazy. I don't like it. Most the staff is missing, where are they? Rickey why? Why is dish nation still on television!? PSA :Somebody told me that we should roast Gary with the tea from the Rickey Smiley show...he throws major shade at Beyonce every morning. Gary is always throwing the quickest shade and then bust out with the color of the day. Why do Porsha and Da brat look like unidentified white women with all that makeup that's not their shade? I just saw dish nation on TV and the Kid Kraddick crew was on.... They look nothing like I expected. Not anywhere close.

The dish nation cast consist of so many personalities. Rickey smiley mashed them all together, from Jenna, kidd kraddick to Heidi and Frank. I can't believe there are shows on TV dedicated to celebrity gossip. I can't believe the NEWS is partially dedicated to celebrity gossip. Rickey rocks! If you love Rickey like we do, catch him every weeknight on Dish Nation. I wish shows like Designated Survivor would have nat'l journalists be portrayed more like Peter Jennings rather than TMZ and Dish Nation. Gary with the Tea is shaped like an ice cream Drumstick with arms. I listen to the Rickey Smiley morning show everyday. I'm just realizing Gary with the T is Gary with the gossip.

Headkrack said "watching childbirth is like watching someone key your car. You wanna yell, top you ruining it" is the funniest thing ever. Headkrack from "Dish Nation" guest hosted on "Hollywood Today Live" today. He looked so dapper and handsome and did a terrific job.

Porsha has been feeling herself lately since getting a show on Dish Nation, her hair line, lingerie line and her RHOA position. At least Porsha has a real job on Dish Nation. Kenya still directing and writing nothing. You blew us away with your short wig on Dish Nation! Keep being Awesome.

The kids are asking, "why is Da Brat on Dish Nation?" Where is Ricky Smiley? However she's really growing on us, Da Brat is on Dish Nation permanently brings a different spin on everything. She should do more radio I think it'd work well for her.

All in all, Dish Nation is like a snarky celebrity gossip blog. Because of the power of television! People know more about Hollywood celebrity gossip and what's on TV than they do current events, and sadly, history! Hollywood celebrities are the private pets of the upper class, doing everything in their power to glorify the disease called capitalism.



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