What Is Google Home?

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Google Home is an advanced voice assistant speaker system that's powered by Google. The device can be connected via Wifi and Bluetooth with various smart devices including your home audio, video and security system. I'm absolutely loving Google Home speaker groups for whole house synchronized music playback! Works with home and Chromecast audio. So good! I do a lot with google home now. Casting from android or iOS. Chrome cast app, it works with well with both. It's useful that I can see everything that works on Google Home on Amazon so easily since they're all labeled "Works with Amazon Alexa." So we're clear: Chromecast is things Google Home is an app and a thing Google Cast is an API Google Homechromecast is something I've made up. I'm reasonably informed about tech products, and I can't keep track of Google's sprawling & evolving consumer tech brands. The problem is Google doesn't follow through. Remember Android TV? It's hard to feel confident choosing, say, Google Home over Amazon Echo. The sound quality of Google home is so good that it's going to put Jambox out of business.

I'm starting to wonder if an Apple competitor to Home would even be compelling. It looks like Amazon Echo vs. Google Home is the big tech battle this Holiday season, it's a viral social media trend. Our Google Home is talking with the OK GOOGLE commercial that just aired. I feel somewhat hacked right now. The Google home is 150$ for black Friday it was 99$. While Google Home is $50 cheaper, Echo will likely dramatically out-sell the newer device. Say, is there such a thing as a "smart" power socket adapter that works with both HomeKit and Google Home? I'm kind of confused about that part.

A few issues that I have is, It's kinda disappointing that Google Home only works with Chromecast. I own Roku, Amazon Stick, Chromecast & AppleTV. Roku is the best. "OK Google, that's not what mama wanted" Google can't recognize the word 'lettuce' The struggle with Google Home is real. However, I'm enjoying my Google home quite a bit especially with the way it works with Chromecast Ultra.

If you want to buy Google Home for $99, Walmart is your best bet. Other retailers have lengthy wait times. Google Home is $99 at Best Buy and it includes 6 months of YouTube Red for free ($60 value). You need a Youtube Red subscription to stream Youtube music on Google Home, which is $10/month. Yikes. That would be a killer app otherwise. To buy a second Google Home or to not buy a second Google Home. That is the question.



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