What Is A Social Media Endorsement?

kylie Jenner Celebrity Endorsement
In this blog you will discover exactly what a social media endorsement is and how it's changing the world of online advertising. Traditionally major corporations advertise online to a target audience to drive sales and make money. Which is still very effective, however companies are becoming increasingly creative in how they deliver products, services and information online.

Because of the power of social media, companies are now endorsing celebrities who have large numbers of followers to sell their products. Celebrities seem to have taken over their own social media accounts instead of hiring a publicist to manage their accounts for them. Which means that they are the ones who are actually posting pictures and comments to better engage with their fans, as seen in the above image with Kylie Jenner endorsing LyfeTea.

Fans feel a closer connection with their celebrity following, so it's a great chance that they are highly influenced by what their favorite celebrity do and say. Most companies are aware and are jumping on the opportunity to reach out to their target audience through their favorite celebrity.

So there you have it. A social media endorsement is when a company gives or loan a celebrity their products to sell on social media. Some celebrities get products free of charge and others don't. But there's more, companies are now finding it cheaper to pay an internet celebrity to sell their products instead of a regular celebrity. Which is not only cost effective but a better strategy simply because internet celebrities have a better understanding of their followers and how to use the internet in more entrepreneurial ways. In addition internet celebrities have a better drive to be even greater by association. Traditional celebrities sell you their name first and the endorsement is always secondary.

In conclusion the greatest perk from endorsing an internet celebrity is if you have a bigger budget you can either purchase their social media brand/account or restrict them from being endorsed by anyone else. Only if they're a great fit for your brand and vision.



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