What Is A Strong SEO?

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A strong SEO is important for organic website traffic. Search engine optimization(SEO), can be purchased online but can be quite expensive. So most startups will have to generate traffic to their website and or blog in creative and inexpensive ways. Having a strong SEO will place your business on the first page on Google and other search engines. The reason why you would want to be on the first page is for visibility. Visibility is key to getting traffic to your website whether it was there original intent to visit your website or not.

Keywords are important when creating a website, logo, marketing and campaign strategy. The name of your website should also be included in your website headline, tags, site description and original content.

Content is also key. All content in your website should be original and clear to your audience. Include video, text, images and social media links.

Social Media is a great tool for marketing and campaign strategy. Use your personal and professional social media to comment on trending topics. Most social media sites allow you to include a link with your comment. However, try not to be an internet troll. You should post a comment on popular conversations a few times a week.

Blogging is one of the most effective ways to interact online. Most blog sites are free of charge. Create a blog and write about your website and related topics.

Google, Bing and other search engines will do the rest. Once you have keywords that is linked to your blogs, website, social media accounts and the keywords that are already apart of your website content, then Google will automatically match the algorithms with your original content and keywords to be listed on the Google main search page.

Apply the above information and you will see your website appear on the Google search engine within a month. Please visit our next blog where you will learn how to monetize your blog, and website using social media and free online marketing strategies.


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