The Chatbot Trend: What Are ChatBots?

The Chatbot invasion has begun. Facebook is the latest company incorporating bots into it's messaging services. 

While I'm not necessarily speaking about robots, were talking about Chatbots. Chatbots are the new viral social media computer program trend which conducts conversations by auditory or text-to-respond methods.

These are software programs that will do your bidding if you want to book a hotel, rent a car or even fetch answers for different services. The greatest advantage is that you don't have to open different apps for every other task. It's more like a personal assist inside a text-chat program, such as Facebook messenger.

Facebook gave an early look to developers to build live chat for business clients, so that you can text with a brand that you want to shop from or communicate with a specific store instead of calling them.
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These bots are going to get so advanced that users will be able to make reservation to restaurants to even fetch your order information online, just through a text message.

Currently users can book an Uber ride inside the text messenger or if you fly with an airline that uses Chatbot you can book a ticket within the messenger itself or check your flight itinerary.

Facebook is also testing an artificial intelligence platform called "M" it is similar to Apple's Siri or Microsoft Cortona, in fact Chatbot gave a special focus on the Microsoft conference that was held in march.

Microsoft recently announced that Chatbots are getting installed in Skype. Skype is getting a personalized artificial intelligent assistant, in the conference Microsoft showed a demo in which the Chatbot ordered pizza and booked a hotel room, with just a text.

Skype's goal with Chatbot is not just text messages, Skype is also testing virtual Chatbots in which you can video chat.
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Mark Zuckerberg revealed in the F8 developers conference that Chatbots can be added to your contacts in messenger, just like your friends list. 

But in that case you will be chatting with the bots representing different companies, Facebook for business recently launched scan-able codes, and user names for businesses so that users can scan codes from messenger and go forward with customer support and any other services provided by the companies and the Chatbots.

To sum it up you won't be chatting with just your friends on Facebook in the future, you'll be chatting with bots that will be representing different companies. An example of such Chatbot is the CNN bot which just launched recently and give you news updates as per your requirements and is completely customized based on your needs.

You can currently ask the bot questions or to fetch stories that happen at a specific time. 1-800Flowers are also building Chatbots which lets you order flowers within the messenger, which pulls up data from your account and completes the payment process and even automatically fetches the name from your contacts to the person who you are sending the flowers to making everything convenient and quick.

In short Chatbots are a great way to provide different types of services to your clients if you're a business owner and can help accelerate the process within your business and can help provide great customer service to your customers.

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