Trump Inspires Millennial Investors In 2019!

Millennial trading is highly influenced by trending Donald Trump Twitter tweets. Millennial investors in 2018 are following the Trump blueprint. "Millennials were more aggressive stock buyers than any other generation on the Fidelity platform, which has at least four million customers." According to CNN. Here are some of the best ways to build a stock portfolio.

First you have to create an account. There are plenty of brokerage accounts that you can create online that are free of charge. "Merrill Lynch estimates that as millennials move into their late twenties and early thirties their consumption will increase 62%, leading to a large demand for goods and services, which leads to more jobs. Donald Trump has repeatedly stated that his economic plan will lead to around 3.5% growth and 25 million new jobs, which he is already starting to make good on." According to Investors. Merrill Edge investment is a safe and secure way to log in online and create an account and start investing right away. All you need is proof of identification and bank verification and you're good to go.

Create A Portfolio:
Choose the right Investment portfolio, there are a lot of social media-based technological base companies who are now listed on the stock market so once you create your brokerage account you can start investing in specific companies that you're interested in; for example say you are a person who's interested in reality shows. Donald Trump has influenced Millennial investors in more ways than ever.You can create an Investment portfolio based on reality shows. After following a bunch of reality shows like Celebrity Apprentice maybe on NBC, VH1 maybe on MTV or Fox; research the television network or the production company that produce these reality shows and see if they're listed on the stock market. What you're doing is building a portfolio based on things that you like, foods that you eat, shows that you watch and that's how millennials are creating their portfolios.

Do your homework to see exactly if these companies are legitimate how well they're doing on the stock market how long they've been on the stock market and how much money you need to invest.

Dividend Stocks:
Once you figured all of those things out, you're ready to invest but the key thing to making money from the stock market once you build your portfolio is to find stocks that provide dividends.

"While most companies pay dividends on a quarterly basis, monthly dividend stocks make their dividend payouts each month." According to Dividend.
Dividends are how you make money. There are tons of companies that provide monthly, weekly or annual dividends and that's what you're looking for. The more money you invest in a certain stock is the more dividends. The trick to do with your dividend is to go into your brokerage account and fine-tune your stocks.

Dividend Reinvestment:
Use "reinvest" dividend option in your brokerage account as this feature automatically reinvest your dividends payouts. After a long period of time it eventually snowballs into more shares in that particular stock. A great advantage about reinvesting your dividend is that it is tax-free; you're not taxed on dividends if you don't collect a payout. Reinvesting allows your dividends to grow and you can also put more money into growing your stock based on auto dividend reinvestment.



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