Why “Alternative Facts” Are Trending In The News

“Alternative Facts" by malkam dior
Alternative facts in response to Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway's remarks. Here are real facts about two days of taking office Sean Spicer and Kellyanne Conway have eradicated the presumption that White House officials tell the truth. We're talking about the inaugural crowd and more .

That's the alternative universe I been hearing about from Republicans for years. When Kellyanne said "Not a falsehood, it's #alternativefacts" I immediately knew it would be trending. Thanks for not disappointing Twitter! Well at least he wasn't pardoning traitors and drug dealers.

inaugural crowd comparision
Without defending Trump, I do want to point out that CNN has not been an unbiased news source over the last year. Remember the Russian hack that exposed what people in CNN were colluding with the DNC against Bernie Sanders. They did a good job of switching focus to how the Russians were trying to manipulate our election, but the fact remains that was just what they were doing. On the Sunday news talk show MeetThePress, Kellyanne Conway defends WH press secretary's "alternative facts." When Kellyanne called a lie "#alternativefacts". It became a viral social media trend online as Chuck Todd refused to move on. If you refuse to admit you're lying you don't get to move on! I personally would love for Americans to start working together. I hope we do. The crowd really means nothing I don't know why this is even an issue he won the overall vote and that's why he is president so the majority counted where it was necessary.

But we are so divided I fear the crazies will start shooting and we will fall to the sides we have chosen and then we have demonized the group responsible for exposing the truth, even though that is what we expect of our journalists.

Apparently CNN only cares about alternate facts when it doesn't involve them manipulating an election. No the government should not make these choices nor should they pay for them with other people's money who don't agree. Revoke CNN broadcasting license for false liable broadcasting statements. Creating jobs, keeping us safe, allowing cops and the military to do their jobs, protecting babies, deporting illegals, build a border. How dare he!!

Untruthful and misleading liable statements and reporting are not protected by freedom of speech! Neo-Lib Elitist don't get the fact that President Obama has already been doing all those things you attack Trump over! Such as: massive deportation, more than any president, jailed more journalists under the Espionage Act than all presidents combined, took away your Habeas Corpus and passed it on to Trump, warrantless data search and gave that to him too! Wake up!!! Broadcasting license have responsibilities and conquences when they are violated. You want your choice but the women and men who don't want to pay for it don't deserve a choice??? Obama said bad words about Americans. Hillary called people deplorables, professionals will never do wells and basement dwellers. Trump joking around and illegal record says women let him grab them by the pussy and people dress up like vaginas? Does two wrongs make a right? I'm also pro-choice, but I don't think someone who isn't should be forced to take my stance.



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