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Since Facebook started in 2004 it has grown  to be the worlds dominant social network. 1 in 5 people worldwide are active monthly users and Facebook's net worth is more than 250 billion dollars. 

I use Twitter instead of Facebook because with just 140 characters it has a built in limit on stupidity. As one of the most visited websites, we wanted to know; how powerful is Facebook. Well Facebook has been widely popular as where users can connect with their friends and express themselves through shared media, membership is free and the site is primarily funded through advertising revenue. Deactivated my Facebook account because I just can't deal with things anymore.

I could really use someone to talk to you. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has become the 7th richest person in America, with a net worth of approximate 250 billion dollars. But Facebook isn't just about social media the company has acquired a number of tech start-ups and continues to grow.

In 2012 Facebook bought the image app Instagram for 1 billion dollars and two years later bought the messenger app program Whatsapp for 22 billion making it the biggest viral social media trending website ever. I don't wanna participate in these twitter games because I don't want twitter to turn into facebook or MySpace and I don't wanna use Tumblr.
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The increased partnership across many different social media platforms have helped Facebook diversify. Through their social media holdings Facebook have become and all powerful collector of data, in 2013 roughly 300 billions photos and billions of comments were posted everyday.

I wish there were metrics for "how many people copy and paste the address from an event page because Facebook events don't use Google maps".

Facebook accumulates massive amounts of information about it's users which allows it to sell very effective target advertising, but Facebook isn't just making money, it's changing the way the world communicates.

During the Arab spring many people used Facebook to organize and share information. It also influenced America politics with many pointing to President Obama's use of Facebook as one of the for cornering the youth vote.

It even assist in helping companies interact directly with consumers and to collect information on how best to serve them. But people value their privacy and often times photos and opinions posted to Facebook can never be fully removed even after deactivating a users account.

I'm annoyed that Facebook has a real name policy not because I care about privacy. I just don't like my real name and don't want to use it. Additionally Facebook had been accused of tracking web history through cookies and secretly supplying that information to the government.

The company also introduced facial recognition software in 2010 sparking a  class action lawsuit about invasion of privacy. Without revealing your actual age, what something you remember that if you told a younger person they wouldn't understand? I was using facebook because I was a college student and my non-educated(future Trump voter) friends couldn't use it.

Man, I miss being an elitist. Still the company has maintained that it still has transparency and user data rights. Facebook has become the most popular social network for adults and the company has undoubtedly effected the way Americans interact with each other both on and offline.

Since the companies humble beginnings Facebook has made smart business choices that allowed it to grow and respond creatively to the digital era.

Google is Facebook's biggest competitor to find out just how powerful the tech company is please follow and read our next blog titled "How Powerful Is Google" by Malkam Dior.



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