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Many people think that just having or creating a website will make them lots of money. It's not; having a website is one part of the equation. Your next step is to make your website into a social network trend online. It's like having the best store in the world opened up in the desert. No one is going to know that you exist and you'll get no traffic. If you open your store in the busiest mall that has millions of people walking bye everyday you're going to make money. If you open that same store in the desert; it's free no one is going to be able to see you. If you open a store in a mall the rent is going to be very expensive. Let's apply the same analogy to creating a website.

There's two kind of traffic, there's free traffic and then there's paid traffic. Within paid traffic there are a lot of different subcategories, solo ads, media buys with agencies or even re targeting there are so many different directions to go within paid traffic. Most start-ups waste money on free traffic. You must be very savvy when it comes to paying for traffic. Most people launch a website or run an affiliate campaign for some product and they will go out and purchase solo ads, within targeting the demographics of that affiliate product that they are trying to sell. Its a complete waste of money. If you don't buy targeted paid traffic, consider yourself flushing money down the drain. You have to be aware of the demographics of your target audience.

Here's an example; let's say that your in the pet niche and your promoting amazon products to pet consumers and you have Amazon and Clickbank goods, and a blog connected with your affiliate marketing with links but your website is not getting any clicks on it. And you say to yourself well      "I'm going to buy some traffic" and you purchase solo ads.

(Solo ads are, an email service where people have other people on a list and they would send an email to their list on your behalf. So you write the email and say 'hey, I have a new dog chain' click here and you can go and see it. then the link takes them to an amazon page and if they buy it; you get paid). You're basically buying a solo ad from an individual with a list. The disadvantage is that you don't know exactly what kind of people are on the list. And most people don't even ask if the people within their list are of the target audience in which you are looking to sell to. You must ask what are the demographics of your list? is it comprised of people within the United States? does your list consist of men, women, children and what type of products do they actually buy?

Media buys should only be targeted only toward the demographic of your campaign.  If you're going to set up a business via an online website, how are going to drive traffic? Think of it as walking into a bank and asking for a loan. And in order to get that load you have to have a business plan. Not just ' hey, I'm going to open a web store, I'm going to make money because I'm going to have great products and people are going to buy everything". All the greatest ideas still require traffic and that's the biggest part of business, traffic translate to sales and sales translate to dollars. Think about your target audience.

Retargeting is a viral social media targeting trend, when companies place a targeting pixel on their images, it's really a cookie that tells ad agencies your interests based on the website that you visit. So when you're surfing the internet all of the ads will follow you based their demographic and on the target pixel on the website that you previously visited. Retargeting is costly because it's quality traffic, your getting traffic back based on people who share the same interest. Paying for target audience is the most effective way as long as you know who your target audience are.



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