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A Tattoo of
Donald Trump 

746759 likes · 226564 talking about how Trump is getting everything he said he would do done! Doing a good job.

President Trump has the most extreme fans. 424K likes. The #1 fan page for any President goes to Donald Trump

Many people say they hate Trump, but they never say why they hate Trump. Do they hate that all Americans may be provided affordable health insurance? Do they hate that Americans may be provided jobs that pay a livable wage?

- Suspected MAGA bomber identified 'Native American Trump supporter -

'I bet $500 they are lying': Trump fans sceptical about pipe bomb arrest

"Supporters at a campaign rally in North Carolina suspect a liberal hoax as police hold avowed Trump supporter Cesar Sayoc. Ed Pilkington in Charlotte, North Carolina.

I support my President and my country. Not just as a social network Trump trend. Entertainers who agree with this statement are fine. I do not need Hollywood or New York to validate what I believe to be true.

- A Man Set Out To Troll Trump Fans With A Fake News Site. -

"Star quarterback Tom Brady has voiced his admiration for Trump in the past but has held back from an all-out endorsement; as for Trump, the presidential hopeful has said he doesn’t want the athlete to endorse him: “He’s got sponsors, he’s got all of his different things that he has to do.” CREDIT: CBSNEWS now it's a viral social media trend online.

President Trump is doing just fine without their opinions! Do they hate that the interest of Americans will come before the interest of a citizen of a foreign country? Do they hate that Trump will provide for our military and make things better for our veterans?
- Trump's Biggest Asset: Fans Who Think Negative News Is Fake -

Instead of hating Trump, maybe it would be a good idea to figure out why Hillary Clinton lost. Hint: She lost because she ignored the needs of half the country. Such a shame the media and corrupt leaders of the opposing party aren't trying to work together for the good of the entire country.

Wait? I thought all Hollywood celebrities were there for strictly entertainment and not to give their opinions? Oh, I get it...their opinions only matter when you agree with them.

President Trump, you have the support and approval of THE Regis Philbin??? That must mean you're doing a great job. Forget about that you have the absolutely lowest approval rating since 1938, when the US started complying the data.

Trump Fans Trust His Tweets -

I saw on CNN yesterday so many negative aspects and there reviews about what President Trump is doing wrong. Are they serious? The President is right about the networks or what? He's done more in 2 weeks than the past 4 presidents combined. Mr President, you are indeed getting things done.
- Donald Trump: 9 supporters who are all-in for The Donald -

While I sincerely appreciate your views and most of your actions on the security of our nation, I would believe you have our ecological longevity as a priority as well. Please take a moment and re-evaluate your stand on the KXL pipeline and DAPL going forward.

These waters are threatened daily by these structures which leak because of construction, environmental wear and shoddy materials.

Realizing the jobs provided will be only for clean up on a temporary basis and human/animal/aquatic life will be forever affected, it does not appear to be a win-win scenario. Please continue to keep America great, but also cleaner. Thank you for your time They are so corrupt it's not funny. 

Everything he's done in office is all positive and trying to protect the American People and the American dream.

Thank you President Trump!!! Most Americans stand behind you and are grateful for all you have done!!!! Thank you for bringing prayer back to the White House!!!



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