Learn How To Be An EBay Power Seller

The most important thing that you want to do is to get people to look at your Ebay ad. Writing the perfect title is key. Ebay uses a search engine from people who search for items online. That means you want to have your title keyword optimized for that particular item. People are going to search for the exact item that they are looking for. They're not going to type in keywords like "awesome, super cool, or crazy cool" when looking to search for items. When you type in the description using such keywords, the search engine will not recognize your item for sale, or you will be listed at the very bottom opposed to the top of any search engine. You can use those words in the description bar underneath the title.

Here's a great Ebay optimization tool that will get you on track. Go to your optimize search engine title tool and type in a description and hit submit. The green dots are indicators telling you how powerful your title really is. The less intense the green color, the weaker your title will be and less visible on the search engines. If all of your keywords are intensely high green then for sure Ebay is going to grab a hold of your listing. The Ebay program better responds to exact listings, which will lead to more sales, better bids and higher result as this will turn you into a power seller and the latest viral social media Ebay trend online.

There's an online research tool that tells you the hottest products on Ebay right now. You can find many different categories, you can find the best products to sell on Ebay, in just a few clicks. Once you've found the best selling products, google the word "wholesale" for that product and you'll find a list of suppliers that can supply you that item at wholesale prices. If the whole seller is selling that item for $50 and it's listed on Ebay for $100, then you buy those items and for every sale that you make is a $50 profit. So if you sell $1,000 a year, you're going to make $50,000 on one item. Also, you can continue to find more items like that and while not every item is going to make a lot of money, but it all adds up. It's easy to make a $100,000 just on Ebay alone.

But there's the twist, this tool cross-references all the Ebay/ related site online, you will be able to see what an item is selling for in the EbayUK, EbayCanada just to name a few. It's important because you will find products that sell cheaper in one place than they do in another. So, basically, you can buy retail in another county and sell it in another. For example, we had an Ebay partner who would buy t-shirts from us here in America for $10 and re-sell them in China for $200. We still don't know why they were such big sellers in China at the moment, but it was very good financially for our business. You can do it as well, by purchasing from the U.S Ebay website and selling it to EbayChina, or in a different country. More specifically you can buy items from Ebay in China, pay for is and tell the seller to hold on to it, then create an Ebay U.S.A ad similar to the seller, list it for double the price and when it's sold for the higher price, then contact the seller in China and send it straight to the client who bought it from you here in the U.S.A. You never have to store, pack and or even touch the item, and can earn from $500 a day just by doing that on Ebay.



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