Lost Money? Here's How To Claim It

Here you will find information on how to file a claim for individuals, businesses and organizations, deceased owners and estates or on behalf of another person. There are a lot of people that have money that belongs to them, being held by the state and they don't even know it. The funds could be from an old bank account, escrow, insurance company or inheritance. For one reason or another, the entity that owes you that money could not find you. So what happens with that money is it goes in a trust to the state, and the state hold that money for you, however, they are not going out of their way to find you. Holding millions of dollars of unclaimed money while always under staffed and cannot contact the millions of people who are owed money to. So you have to be the person to go to the State Comptroller and do an asset search to find out if they owe you any money. it's a viral social media trend, so now everyone is doing it online.

You are allowed to search under your own government name and search for family members as well. We've informed or own family and friends and they've received thousands of dollars back that they weren't aware of. Once you perform the asset search and you've confirmed that the State is holding money in your name, fill out a simple form submit and your money is on the way.

Start a Google search and type in the state that you currently live in, then add "unclaimed property search". What you're looking for is the State Comptrollers Office for your state. Go to the "property search tab on the page, then enter your last and first name, middle initial and city. When performing this search you must think about your past, in all the different States that you've lived over time. And most people usually forget that when they were born a grandparent my have opened an account in their name and have past away and didn't inform anyone about it. That money is actually given to the state and is being held for you and you don't even know exists. If your name changed over the years you should also search under your previous names, cities and states. You can also search under your parents, grandparents and everyone that you know from back in time.

It's very simple and easy. If you do a search and you find that a state is holding money for you, all you have to do is click on the tab that says "File A Claim". They usually provide instructions and it is free of charge.



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