WTF Is WikiLeaks?

What The Fuck Is Wikileaks?
Sorry, Wikileaks is not a reputable news source. It's founder is a suspected rapist who has a personal agenda to shill for Trump. I ask my followers, did you hear about what went viral on Wikileaks? "What" "There was a new leak today". "What is Wikileaks though?"

Well according to Wikipedia "WikiLeaks is an international non-profit organisation that publishes secret information, news leaks, and classified media from anonymous sources." Which supports the argument that WikiLeaks has the credibility of a meth head begging for "bus fare". Trump's friend Roger Stone is in contact with Julian Assange who runs Wikileaks, who also hacked the DNC and provided leaks to Russia.

If you look at what Wikileaks has been doing for years, that's been their aim: undermine U.S. intelligence and diplomatic capabilities and turn them into viral social network trends. WikiLeaks CIA leaks. Snowden NSA whistleblowing. Information that specifically go viral on social media.
The CIA and FBI can't even stop leaks in their own agencies. I'm sorry, but who is going to fix this disaster? WikiLeaks CIA targeted surveillance. Snowden NSA mass surveillance. It seems as if Trump's working with Russia & Wikileaks to discredit US Intelligence declined to criticize Wikileaks today. Who's criticized the CIA instead, who is better positioned to have access to intelligence they can leak to Wikileaks to discredit the intelligence community.

If Wikileaks is hostile to the USA and the POTUS supports Wikileaks, then the POTUS is hostile to the USA and must be impeached. Trump's really becomin' more tolerant, especially towards Russia attackin' Crimea, racists terrorisin' Jews and WikiLeaks hackin' the CIA. THIS is the kinda thing that's whistleblowing, when agents who know the truth about crime tell the press so we know.

Trump administration condemns CIA NOT Wikileaks's. Republicans care about leakers NEVER the Russian hand here. The cult of personality in US politics is out of control. Conservatives who would otherwise be up in arms over #WikiLeaks are mute about it. Never a bad word about Russia. To "Russiagate" simply, Russia, through Wikileaks, helped get Trump elected and in exchange, the weakening of American agencies. 

We the people deserve to know what is being plotted and used against us! Time to break up the CIA. Are you DM'ing people who ask what is in it? What's in it? Wikileaks is right-wing subterfuge. Anyone on the left who buys into them is being fooled and used as a pawn by the right.



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