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YouTubeTV Alternative Cable

YouTubeTV is a new cable alternative that allows you to watch your favorite programs on demand on TV, PC, or Mobile device, a pay-per-view service in the USA with football channels to the list of services trying to convince consumers to pay a subscription fee for content with ads on it. It won't mean you're gonna be TV famous now.

I just need to figure out if I can open YoutubeTV/Twitch on SteamOS with just an xbox360 controller or with a different alternative. Means they're looking for professional orgs to make HQ productions. Bedroomers be gone. Looks like cable TV better watch their backs! This is gonna be a great thing and will finally help cable cutters and bring down traditional TV. 

While a nice high level overview, it isn't clear (at all) how Youtubetv will be alternatively competitive without rating or skinny bundle on top of ISPs. This new YouTubeTV bundle that's coming out soon is genius! I was just about to get cable but now I'm waiting for this! Just what I needed. How are people complaining that $35/mo for YouTubeTV is too expensive alternate between paying $100+/mo for cable and are locked into 2 year agreements?



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