Create A Niche Website-3 Easy Steps

Create A Niche Website-3 Easy Steps!
Here is a creative 3 step approach on how to create a niche site by placing all successful key factors together that will eventually produce at least $300 a month.

Step 1-Brainstorm and come up with as many ideas as possible, start with your interests and go from there, nothing is a bad idea, write down everything that you might be interested in starting a website around.

Step 2-Break down your ideas to figure out which niche is high priced and low volume. Research to find out if their are actual affiliate programs. Make sure that there are good affiliate programs for the products that you are trying to review. Amazon is a great affiliate to start with because they have a wide range of products where you can promote just about anything. After identifying your niche site and affiliate be prepared to write at least 100 topics on any given subject within that niche. Think of your niche site as your blog, by placing high quality content and know that real people are going to read it.

Step 3-Set-up your website, register your domain registrars like GoDaddy, Google, or even Bluehost. Then you have to put in the to create great, quality content. At it's purest form a niche site must have good content that people actually want to read. For example you can start with 5 review posts that are reviewing the most popular products in your niche. 3 really good solid tutorial posts of the niche product that you actually purchased yourself and used at some point before you create your tutorial. Then create another 5 list posts, "10 best ways to do this, 5 best products for that. 17 best Christmas gifts". those are going to be great pieces of content that people are going to want to share with others and are really easy to write.

Review posts, list posts and tutorial post are three major components of creating a successful niche website. Finally once you have the 3 major components then you apply for the affiliate marking program so that your niche site can be monetized. Then you do a bit of keyword research, Google Adwords is very useful, find keywords with low competition  and high search volume. It may sound simple but very complicated. I tend to use keywords from the 2000 to 20,000 searches per day ideally with the intent to purchase. If you haven't done anything online yet, follow these 3 simple steps to creating your very own niche website and start making money online now.



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