How Trump's Tax Plan Would Affect You

How Trump's Tax Plan Affects You
He made this tax plan so simple, an idiot liberal could understand it. President Donald Trump just proposed the largest individual and business tax cut in American history!! Some say that this proposal will raise the national debt to $4 trillion. Bad proposal! They can give the wealthiest corporations and top 1% big tax breaks at our expense.

These reverse Robinhoods cannot be trusted with their spinning that the middle class and poor will benefit from their voodoo economics that didn't work in the past. You can't lower taxes without raising money somewhere else. Someone pays in the end. Usually the middle class.

People don't realize that if you lower the corporate tax rate that it allows corporations to start spending all their cash reserves, building new business, creating new products, and hiring American workers. Those new American workers, with a new paycheck, then contribute to society by increasing the amount of tax revenue into the government coffers. It's MUCH more efficient than increasing taxes...but good luck trying to convince liberals of that fact.
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For all those idiots that continue to complain about president Trump... maybe you should give back all the money you've collected so far inside your 401K plans. People are complaining about not being able to deduct certain things. The big takeaway from the plan is "simplification." Deductions are taken away but you are getting tax cut up front. Since Trump took office the market has seen its biggest growth in years, which means healthier 401K plans. Trump for 2020.

As a small business owner, sounds great to me. Keep in mind I pay 15.3% of my income after business deductions, but before personal deductions, into social security and medicaid. That's twice what W2s pay and by 2035 Social Security will have to reduce benefits by 25% and it'll only get worse. Just let me keep the 15.3% and invest it in IRAs.

15% corporate tax rate could be a huge game changer for small business growth. He's giving his own children a HUGE tax break with the repeal of the estate tax. He won't release his own tax info, so how does he benefit? I'm a Democrat, but fair minded. Simplifying the tax code is desperately needed. As it stands, I'd guess that most lay persons don't understand 99% of it. Is this proposal the best approach? Time will tell. People don't understand that the reduction of corporate taxes will result in bringing billions of dollars that those corporations are keeping in foreign banks and economies back into our country's economy.



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