Mark Cuban Trolling Donald Trump On Social Media.

Mark Cuban Trolls Donald Trump 
Mark Cuban is a moron! He is so smart that he trolled Trumps campaign and said the "stock market would collapse if Trump won." Cuban said Trumps campaign was a joke that he would never win. Guess what. Cuban was wrong on all accounts. Cuban is just jealous because he missed the opportunity Trump saw.

While some may say that those jobs are not because of Trump. His fiscal year will start in October and then you will see the true nature of Trump' s policies. He has not accomplished anything major. You have to ask? You will only give credit to Obama not Trump. Stock market at record highs 20,000+ AFTER January 20. Before it trended at 17,000.

"Mark Cuban, the billionaire businessman, is a vocal Donald Trump antagonist." According to Boston Globe»

Cuban should stick to basketball. Actually, he doesn't even do that very well!. You're not going to change the clinical scene in Washington in 100 days. He talks about the foundation, well these executive orders are the foundation. There are too many lifetime politicians in Washington to change them overnight. Trumps first 2 months over 300,000 FULL TIME jobs were created. That's more full time jobs than Obama created in any two month period. Healthcare changes will soon be a reality. Google it!!!

While some people would consider voting for Mark Cuban in the 2020 electionAs of now I vote for Donald Trump. Come on. Mark Cuban is a sports guy not a politician. He has not proved/shown anything to be a great politician. 0 track record in politics. Donald Trump has shown some moments of greatness in politics. Nothing against Mark I enjoy and admire what he's done, but those who say they would vote for him without knowing any of his views is dangerous, and by the way, that type of thinking and action is what has gotten this country in the mess we're currently in-- voting for people based on sound bites or feelings! I'm not saying I wouldn't vote for Mark, I'd just want to know what in the world his views and strategies are before making a decision.
Happy to call Donald Trump our President of the United States of America!! Keep up the great work Mr. President!



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