Ariana Grande Bloody Concert Ticket Refund

Ariana Grande Concert To Die For 
This is from the girl who licked doughnuts and exclaimed she hated Americans? Sorry, but she only cares about ticket sales !!! I feel bad for the victims, not her. She's just going to milk this for her own publicity and she's already doing it since most of the news coverage is about her. So sad and heartbreaking. I bet this event changed her mind real quick like on all her liberal views. When it hits close to home, you tend to wise up. Welcoming Muslim immigrants into the US when they can't be vetted properly is stupid and the U.K. Is now paying the price for their stupidity with opening their doors.

These terrorists don't care if you want to be peaceful or kind or welcoming. They don't care for their own children why would they care for you? They train their own children to be suicide bombers so this whole notion that being nice and smothering them with "love" will somehow change them is ludicrous!

Whether or not you are a fan of Ariana doesn't make one bit of difference here. She is extremely vocal in support of Muslim migration. She said that she "hates America" and "hates Americans". So yes I feel sorry for the victims and their families. But not one bit for Grande. Whether or not you are a fan of Trump makes no difference. These victims are people just like you who were simply going about their day to day lives ... and were killed. What the hell is wrong with you judgmental people? Let us unite in prayer for Manchester, England. My heart is broken.

She hates Americans and America. She can stay there.....ISIS strikes again, this is what liberal Americans want. Just look at Europe after having open borders and letting all the refugees over there. They just keep getting bombed and attacked. How sad to see how children and young people die in such a vile way, under a ruthless suicide. Pray for these parents, relatives and friends Manchester is with you. We are Manchester England.



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