Shopify Destroyed My Online Business -

- Why Shopify Sucks -

Get people to protest. Cancel advertising. Hope your company doesn't evaporate. 

Shopify has been an absolute nightmare. So happy to cancel this and move on. Nonprofits, stay away. They offer a platform for scammers then say "not our problem".  Use someone else for hosting/payment processing.

Shopify your support of Breitbart News is so misguided. It's a community of racists. Time for people who use your service to cancel. Shopify disguises itself as an online e-commerce store where the average customer will get a full experience, to look at products, purchase a product and check-out all from Shopify.

However this is not true, Shopify collects your billing information and then shop for the item you've selected from a totally different website.

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Since Shopify can't get the chargeback issues in the order I will no longer accept orders without a matching billing/shipping address.  Very misleading as the company is only selling you an online storefront where entrepreneurs can display their items.

The obvious danger is that the product that you've selected from Shopify might be of a different quality by the time it reaches your doorstep.

My experience with the Shopify platform was a complete disaster. After launching my very own online niche t-shirt store. I then began to post products from my online store on to eBay.

A lot of customers were interested and ready to buy my products from my Shopify online store that was listed on eBay. Checking out the items on my Shopify store was a breeze as they provided shipping information, credit card processing and tracking numbers; which I was then able to provide to my eBay customers.

Shopify we are so unhappy w/ this service (which we never used & still are being charged $59/month & they will not let us cancel).

After being bombarded from my eBay customers then we discovered that Shopify hasn't shipped any one of the 20 products that were listed on eBay from my Shopify online store.

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Customers were angry, pissed off and they all asked for refunds after a week of no tracking information or details of how their product will arrive at their address.

The customer service representative at Shopify informs me that Shopify does not provide shipping information tracking information and they also don't necessarily provide a credit card processing I discovered this after the fact; after my customers on eBay been waiting and waiting for their items to be shipped Shopify did not ship anything.

They did, however, charge my credit card for each item and of those items were supposed to be shipped. PayPal just stole $42,000 from me and said I cant have it back, DO NOT use it for e-commerce or Shopify just a heads up.

We lost a lot of customers, a lot of business and a lot of credibility with followers on social media. As a result, people are not necessarily trustworthy of my brand and my advertisements that are posted online all because of Shopify. 

They did not fulfill the orders that they were supposed to fulfill and it's it's just horrible that is my experience with Shopify and I will never ever use Shopify again. Shopify is only a middleman and I can run a successful online t-shirt e-commerce business without a middleman.

If you're selling T-shirts Shopify is the middleman there's a great chance that if you already have an audience online who are interested in your product, you can sell to them directly and process payments through PayPal directly so there is no need for that middleman.

Shopify it is just another service that you have to pay for as it disguises itself as middlemen when you can cut out the middleman and provide the products with your own drop shipping company and your own payment app like PayPal.

Cancel the Shopify app and save the $29.99 recurring fees. The spam is getting unbearable I think I'll have to try again to cancel my account and go with something like WordPress that has Captcha.



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