Trump's CNN Wrestling Video Most Tweeted EVER!

315976 shares on Twitter. Dear media, if you don't want to be punched by Trump, try stopping your lies and attacks on him. The worst fake media network got what they deserve for so long. That actor guy Alex Baldwin, the one who refers to his daughter as a pig, asking how can a President Trump be a President. He's President because he is smarter than you..that's the reason. They have been spreading a grotesque abuse of the free speech!  A little bit of their own chocolate .

According to SocialBearing, "the tweet is – by far – Donald Trump’s most retweeted post, ever, with 315,796". Enjoy the knock down liberals! Why didn't CNN protest Kathy Griffin's disgusting beheading post?The funny thing is he did it because everyone says wwe wrestling is fake so he was making fun of CNN fake news, but like always they are going to twist it. I wouldn't be surprised if Trump's violence against CNN video is meant to distract from his multiple investigations. It's ok when the media and all the assholes do death threats, beheading and shoot people at a ball field. But not funny when shit hits you back in the face.

CNN you are something else. People who live in glass houses should not throw stones. The media acts tough, but when confronted, runs in fear. I will say I don't support all of his tweets but he is going to do it because he knows how to get them fired up and they fall for it every time. It will be ok! Or the ton of other lib memes, vids, comments being made about our president?  Such damn hypocrits it's pathetic. What do you think of President Trump's Twitter fingers CNN wrestling video?



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