Bulletproof Backpacks (Sold Out) - Learn About The Functionalities

Why The bulletproof doesn't wear off. Read this review. It all depends on the model and brand. 

Just the reality? Sounds as if it's acceptable. How about banning assault weapons becoming the 'reality'.

The Guard Dog Security ProShield Pro Bulletproof Backpack, NIJ Certified IIIA is not durable at all. I'm still trying to send it back but they don't want to give me a shipping label. We got the second one and it did not last but a month and a few days then it tore.

'School Safety a High Priority as Back-to-School Mindset Approaches' - EIN News.

In an article published by EIN NewsDesk titled -


"While it is a sad state of affairs that parents have to think twice about their child’s safety at school, there are actions they can take on their own to provide peace of mind to both themselves and their children. 

With the increase in school violence, including school shootings, parents and schools are now considering many products that most people never would have even thought existed. 

• Bulletproof Backpacks and Backpack Inserts
• Wearable Safety Devices
• Entry-proof or Bulletproof Doors and Walls
• Bulletproof Desks, Tables, Furniture and Other School Supplies

The real point here is that being that parents are so worried for the safety of their children that the backpacks have sold out far before schools are scheduled to start again." IENNEWS

Fortunately, I have not had the opportunity to see if the bulletproof part lacks in quality also heavy with no signs of wear up to this point. Even the normal tear and wear will be much less visible and it should still look good in years from now.
A Screenshot of
The small outer lower side pockets useless as is-they need a second zipper or the zipper needs to be reversed so it closes at the top of pocket instead of the bottom. The shoulder straps have a carry pocket for electronics, a strap for sunglasses and it has plastic round loops for pulling the shoulder straps for fit. The contact points are reinforced with gel foam. The back of the pack is also reinforced with gel foam. Read more about the functionalities here.

Functionalities -
However, I love how sturdy and well-made the Guard Dog Security ProShield 2 Bulletproof Backpack is. I expect this to last for many years to come. It is a bit heavy, that is the only drawback. But I'm more at ease sending him to school, that I've done my best to protect him from the crazies in this world. The forward most division, closest to your back has a compartment for an MP3 player that actually has a cable connecting to the shoulder strap so no cable is exposed.

These days with Bluetooth, that isn't necessary. This is also where the laptop, a separate compartment. The backpack measures 14x11x20.5. Files or books can go as well. I bought another one for my son at college. Following the San Bernardino shootings, is that it is rated only for pistol-caliber weapons. It will not stop an AK47 or AR15.

Not sure, hopefully, we won't ever find out. Although it is constructed of polyethylene which is the same material found in police grade bulletproof vests.

It's functional and works well for carrying the books required for classes. For cheaper bags the life cycle is easily one school season or less. I think it's the price point that mostly elevates the expectation here so I'm not quite sure on where this should land.

Everything from the handle (steel braided cord by the way), to the straps, to the cushion, to all the sewing for the pockets has held strong and tight. I have loaded this bag up before, and has been with me on many cross-country trips since I got it this last year (primary reason I got it was for how many airports I would be visiting, sad isn't it?) Fortunately, I have no experience on the bulletproof feature yet, kinda wish the bullet resistant panel was removable (sewn in), but otherwise decent bag.

The shopping mall here in McAllen, Texas now has a kiosk selling bulletproof clothing and accessories - including an anti-ballistic school backpack for small children. This is beyond depressing.



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