How Millennials Changed Online Retail with SEO -

How Millennials are Changing Online Retail; See how SEO can help your business grow from the millennial experience.

A Research media (analysis behavior of the visitors in Facebook) found the most popular contents of Facebook digitization of payments; digital media spend as % of total; online retail; EM population growth; global middle class growth & trading up (luxury, travel); companion animals & related spending (vet); millennial housing formation; boomer HR demand.

According to 'HRNEWS'
"Millennial employees are more comfortable with nontraditional ways of engaging with their health care providers and are more likely to apply shopping habits associated with online retail to their health care decision-making, according to a new survey." - HRNEWS

The quote suggests that; the millennial market offers plenty of profit potential, but if you're not creating digital content that caters to this savvy audience, you might be missing out. Here are three ways your business can build a Millennial-friendly online retail experience.

The graph reveals that Amazon has more than twice as much of the online retail market as its next 10 competitors combined. In fact the graph reveal alot of important information, amazon is 1% away from having more of the online retail market than everyone else combined. I still use it, though not as much cos well.... Amazon prime. No idea how guys like eBay will do to cope with

Stop killing yourselves at your retail jobs, they don’t give a shit about you.


One time I kindly said to a man at work “I’m sorry I can’t change the prices” and he got very angry and called that my “millennial moment for the day.” I think millennial generation should be subdivided into pre dot com/web 2.0 and post because THAT was a paradigm shift. The advent of social media and online retail changed the world completely.

People may talk bad about millennials but since I started working retail I have NEVER had a millennial throw a tantrum or go crazy and then be like “let me talk to your manager”. So from now on I have a millennial moment everyday. Also we are more understanding. I’ve never seen a millennial flip out on a part-time retail worker and demand to see a manager over some nonsense.

Today I’m gonna buy an avocado, tomorrow I’ll be nice to a retail worker. The retail life gradually makes u crazy. Imagine working till late, going home just to sleep then u gotta wake up early for work again and no social life. I did it for a while n one day in the morn I found myself eating cereal with a fork. That was the turning point in my life



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