Social Demography is a Huge influencer. Here's How -

Want to level up your online presence? For most businesses hoping to leverage social media as a marketing tool, taking a closer look at the demographics can provide interesting snapshots of who is using what and how.

Join the conversation today about social trends! People's personalities now-a-days change based off of social trends online, instead of having their own.

For anyone running an online business or thinking about starting one, this blog is a must read! Last week, we launched our Digital in 2018 Report which revealed that over half the world's population (that's 4bn people) are now online. So in tune with modern social trends and in the behaviors of the socially dynamic!

The Importance of Social Demography -

Social indicators are defined as statistical measures that describe social trends and conditions impacting on human well-being.  The current social trends are low-key disgusting. people are either forcefully positive or overly sad for likes, and views.

Demography Infographic

Here's how influencers use social demography. The social trends we expect to see a shift from the news-feed to private spaces like messaging apps & stories as the dominant form of content sharing, and AI working with humans to improve customer experience in social. On that, there's no politics in it. 

The Demographics of Social Media Users in America -

No laws, demography, economy or social subjects brought out. Twitter, Reddit, online commerce, and working remotely may seem like social trends wholly unrelated to sex work, but sex work has been integral to them. It's all about the influence.

But it still brings some "Leftist" values (social, equality, etc) and some "Rightist" values. (order, freedom, etc) This is not just political. Every subject can support those values.

Rather than gender equality- shouldn't we be talking about group equality first? Naturalists are a persecuted minority. Aping the social trends from a wider society that would have all we value processed into bling seems like a desperate plea to be part of something we are not?

What is Social Demography?

"The word demography was used for the first time by A.Guillard a Frenchman in his book Elements de Statistique Humanine. It is a statistical study of population composition, distribution and trends. It is the analysis of population variables which includes stock and flow. The national census is the source of stock variable which is carried out periodically in most of the countries. The flow variables are the components of population change which include birth and death registrations" - Sociology Guide. 

I like seeing political and social trends and events being analyzed on a artistic level. Every demography & geography is different. The nature of social mobility, have created on our culture, ethnicity and demography. It changes to residual income & residual time, mean retail market fit AND availability must be different. The other thing is that social science statistics are mostly based on sand, that is, on underlying social trends, and when you throw in a spanner like starting to give people $60,000+ in free money for reporting abuse, it causes a fluctuation in the whole system.

Not only that, it changes over time. Fashion always does that, it has no conscience. It gives us visual representations of disruptive social trends, anything coming down the pipeline and turns it into a product to sell; which are shaping the future of how sports brands engage their fans online.

Coming to the point what really triggered me to write this down is the tweets of few self proclaimed intellectuals and Social Justice Warriors who normally keep mum on selective.
Social Media Infographic 

Social Demography Example -

Many conservatives are realizing that genderism is a cult, yes. And also through general social trends and education that feminists are not the scary evil enemy. We see the twitter battles between the trans activists and feminists. Your side looks downright reasonable. Our cause is just, our means are just, our victory will be just!

Your unverifiable anecdotal claims makes the verifiable social trends invalid, huh? No one buys your bs narrative anymore. People are waking up to what's been going on and it scares and infuriates people like you. Suck it up, buttercup. It's only going to get worse.



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