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Damn these targeted ads are really hitting some soft spots these days. I find myself scrolling SUPER-carefully so as not to activate them. Anything that alters user behavior for an entertainment platform in a way that induces anxiety is probably worth a re-think.

- Facebook Target Ads For Advertising -

Today, let’s have a chat about creating effective targeted ads on Facebook, who hired Russian trolls who used Facebook to target voters of color with seemingly benign ads.

Then the trolls targeted the same Facebook users with demobilization ads telling them not to vote, says a new report from Professor Young Mie Kim at U. Wisconsin.

Growth is going to be from price conscious markets like India, it's going to be more ad funded. And big ad revenue likely to be dependent on mass viewed content. Well that's almost like broadcast TV which is also available on mobile.

"Based on an article in the music section of the New York Times suggests that - "On your computer, it’s loading in your Facebook feed. On your phone, it’s popping up on Instagram. In your web browser on either, it’s appearing on news sites that have nothing to do with watches. Even if you end up ordering the watch, the ads continue trailing you everywhere.
They’re stalker ads.
And they are a symptom of how online ads are becoming increasingly targeted and persistent. Tracking technologies like web cookies are collecting information about our browsing activities from site to site. Marketers and ad tech companies compile that data to target us across our devices. And trackers are now so sophisticated that they can see when you are thinking about buying something but don’t follow through — so they tell the ads to chase you around so you make the purchase". NYT

I got a targeted ad for an $800,000 house and I reported it as offensive. How dare the algorithm think I have that kind of money!

Facebook ads are weird at best, cringy at worst then the other day all my targeted ads for SEO have been for $3000 sofas and learning how to invest and it’s alleviating my paranoia about the algorithm because that’s the wrongest they could have gotten it.
Targeting Ad Infographic

"Here are a few simple steps you can take if you are being pestered by an ad and want that to end:

• Periodically, clear your cookies. Ad trackers will have a tougher time following you around if you delete your cookies on each of your devices. Apple, Google and Microsoft have published instructions on how to clear data for their browsers Safari, Chrome and Edge. (Click the links for instructions.)
• Reset your advertising ID. In addition to cookies, Android and Apple phones use a so-called advertising ID to help marketers track you. You can reset it whenever you want. On Android devices, you can find the reset button in the ads menu inside the Google settings app, and on iPhones, you can find the reset button inside the settings app in the privacy menu, under advertising.
• Periodically purge your Google ad history. Google offers the My Activity tool, myactivity.google.com, where you can take a deep look at the data that Google has stored about you, including the history of ads you have loaded, and choose the data you want to delete." -NYTimes

It’s kind of obvious in 1 year Netflix will have two tiers of subscription. Premium ad free for more than today’s cost.

The auto play trailers over whatever show you’ve landed on while browsing is an incredibly annoying feature. AdFunded for a little less. And ads will be targeted/addressable.

It ties Spotify in knots trying to figure what to do with tiers/brands/payment levels. Makes the customer offer a bit more confusing too. Maybe the more revenue monster makes you right, if I were them I would avoid. These tips will help you understand and reach the Millennial generation when targeting your own ads.

They’re leaning hard into promoting their own shows on the platform, they’ve intro'ed trailers that auto-play on hover, and some people are reporting seeing show promos pop up between episodes. So there’s that. Whether they’re setting the stage for *outside* ads, I’m not clear.



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