Trump vs Google - EVIDENCE of Biased, Algorithm-driven Google Search Results (

Trump supporters created comprehensive evidence supporting Trump's claim; Google is biased against conservativesmainstream media rigged SEO algorithm-driven search results to reveal misleading information about him. Negativity is always trending on social media.

President Trump slammed Google's algorithm today in a series of morning tweets. The irony: Google News appears to be one of the few places left online that hasn't devolved into micro-targeted filter bubbles. Google has been manipulating their results for awhile now. His name search isn't the only thing Google has changed. 

He does have a point about his search results pointing mostly at left leaning sites. Now, Trump threatening Google with punishment if they don’t appease his political demands smacks of authoritarianism the likes of which we see from the Chinese government.

Here's evidence, the media is always searching for negative content about the President resulting in biased, algorithm-driven Google search queries for the President's name. Search engines will continuously retrieve negative content about the President based on negative algorithms related to the Presidency. 

Trump Google Search
According to CBSNews - "The Trump administration is considering imposing regulations on Google and its search service, White House chief economic adviser Larry Kudlow said Tuesday. His comments follow President Donald Trump's complaints that the search giant "rigged" its search results to show negative news stories about him. 
Mr. Trump on Tuesday took to Twitter to claim that Google is shutting out conservative news organizations. The internet company is "hiding information and news that is good," he wrote. "They are controlling what we can & cannot see. This is a very serious situation-will be addressed!" 
Asked by reporters if Google needs to be regulated, Kudlow, director of the National Economic Council, said that "We're taking a look at it."
In a statement emailed to CBS News, Google said its objective is to make sure its users "receive the most relevant answers in a matter of seconds."".

Google hits back at Trump: "You're wrong, our results have zero political bias". -  While folks on Twitter are saying that, If it wasn't for Google, Facebook and Twitter, Russia wouldn't have been able to win the election for him. It all seems like a huge cry to regulate his critics, Trump officially ruined any chance that he'll ever be the Google Doodle.

 How Google SEO Works -

On Google's website reveals the follow information about how the algorithm works, -"You want the answer, not billions of webpages, so Google ranking systems sort through the hundreds of billions of webpages in our Search index to give you useful and relevant results in a fraction of a second. - Google

So, if Google is analyzing search words from the media, matching search with ranking pages, then Google is responsible for returning the absolute best results, even if it's negative content.

Google continues to say that, "These ranking systems are made up of a series of algorithms that analyze what it is you are looking for and what information to return to you. And as we’ve evolved Search to make it more useful, we’ve refined our algorithms to assess your searches and the results in finer detail to make our services work better for you". - Google

The world isn’t perfect, but our focus on & obsession with the bad is unhealthy; it also breeds a feeling of negativity. Social media should try and become the antidote. If you have an issue with a company's product or service, try to contact them on social media.

Sometimes negativity on social media and the news can get you down. Expressing gratitude is a powerful way to lift the spirit. If you're not, then you are one of the reasons there is so much negativity on the internet.

Trump is no different. If you have an issue with false or misleading information about you, then you should also contact the administrators, in this case it's Trump vs Google.



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