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Google's outrageous plan to fight Trump on immigration by tampering w/ search results; 

Google is in the spotlight after internal emails show conversations between employees highlighting a desire to manipulate search results on the heels of President Trump’s controversial travel ban in order to mute conservative viewpoints and combat the ban.

Perhaps Google should give users the choice of either allowing free flows of information on both sides and true unweighted searches without hiding things they don't politically agree with, or treat them as a Democrat fundraising and propaganda organization.

- Are Google Search Results Biased? -

So, just how does Google SEO work?

According to an article published in the New York Times - "Let’s say you want to do a search for “health benefits of kale.” When you start typing, Google’s computer systems begin sifting through its index of hundreds of billions of web pages that use that exact wording or a related phrase. (Google estimates that there are more than 53 million pages that match “health benefits of kale.”)

Then, Google puts those pages in order, using a secret algorithm.
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There are hundreds of factors weighed by Google’s algorithm. While Google keeps most details of its search formula under wraps, it has revealed some specifics of how it works."

The quote supports the findings that when they act to drive a political agenda, they need to be registered as a political action committee and regulated as such.

"One of the major breakthroughs with Google’s search engine was a formula called PageRank, named after Larry Page, one of Google’s founders and now the chief executive of its parent company, Alphabet.
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PageRank works on the basic premise that a page’s value can be determined by how many sites link to it. In the early days of web search, this was a novel concept, and it helped to propel Google past competitors like Yahoo and AltaVista."

"The search engine has gotten more sophisticated over the years. (It was founded 20 years ago on Tuesday.)

In addition to PageRank, the company has also said that the software looks at how often and where the keywords being searched for show up on a specific page, how recently the page was created (a sign of the freshness of the information) and the location of the person making the search."

"Google said there were no major differences between how it retrieved news stories and other search results, although some factors, such as when the page was created, take on greater importance in news searches."
- Trump SEO Results On Google -

Who knew Google was a CIA controlled NSA operative. If all those Google folks were so outraged by a kind of normal political issue that they would consider messing with their sorting algorithm to better reflect their own political views, what are the odds they haven't done so already in ways of which we know nothing?
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Of course they have, they just can't admit it to themselves, probably because they themselves are unaware of their own biases and how they express them in their work.

To conclude; it's seems as if the Government attempts to influence the information the public sees are being moved into mostly secret corporate processes — raising serious concerns about the control that social media platforms and search engines already have over the information we see.


Trump Accuses Google of Burying Conservative News in Search ResultsAug. 28, 2018

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