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You can't afford to lose talent from your organization due to millennials negative characteristics. See how companies can retain millennials in the workforce: 

From financial freedom to richer experiences to personal growth, by 2020, close to 50 per cent of the workforce will be made up of millennials.

Millennials already want to work for you, but employers won't hire them in permanent positions. Because millennials dominate the workforce, companies are adjusting their approach to talent management to cater to this generation’s motivations and mindset.

Apparently, little has changed over the last 30 years. "Young people today tend to see themselves and their work environments in a similar way as did young people from previous generations," wrote Kreun.
Bruce Pfau, an corporate H.R. advisor and KPMG partner, agrees. He cites numerous studies in his Harvard Business Review article, What Do Millennials Really Want at Work? The Same Things the Rest of Us Do. 
"A growing body of evidence suggests that employees of all ages are much more alike than different in their attitudes and values at work. To the extent that any gaps do exist, they amount to small differences that have always existed between younger and older workers throughout history and have little to do with the Millennial generation per se." - INC
- Top 5 Millennial Characteristics that Make Them Perfect Resources for Your Branding & Marketing Initiatives -

Negative Descriptions of Millennials -

I am a millennial. The key factors about my generation that I always notice are that are sometimes negative;
  •  We generally have an idealistic goal we want to accomplish or contribute to ( my friend is a nursing student who wants to help people, I'm working toward a career in information security to help protect people and important information, my other friend is working toward being a psychologist, etc.). 
  • We are very relationship based. If we have a strong relationship with the people we work with, and the company we work for, we will stay at that job even if it offers less pay and other benefits. (My current situation).
  • We are innovative, and aren't shy about voicing our ideas and opinions. While some from other generations might not appreciate this, we have been taught (and believe) that collaboration and innovation produces better results than just following the company standard. 
  • Our parents and teachers have expected us to perform at a high intellectual level for as long as many of us remember; we expect to be able to put this intellect to use in the work place. 
  • If we are only cogs in the wheel, we feel we are wasting our time and resources. Better to find a company that lets us actively contribute.

Millennials make up the largest group in the workforce today -- and the majority of them click on links before verifying that they lead to the proper website.  

- Misunderstood Millennials -


  • We live at home longer than our predecessors. True enough. But, this is because we value financial stability and cannot find a common job (like factory work in the past) that provides enough income to immediately provide this for us. This means, we go to college. 
  • Where we rack up college loans, and then have enough debt in our 20s to buy the house our parents bought in their 20s...before we ever land our first entry level position. And, in addition, we are generally FRIENDS with our parents (or siblings, as the case may be). SO, while it certainly looks odd from a traditional view point, for us, it's sort of like living with roommates. 
  • An acceptable thing to do, even in the older generations. There's a lot more, but this about covers it. Honestly, considering everything we've lived through, I don't think we're that bad.
To Conclude, based on scientific data the number reveal that (millennials) don't want to be told we're special and given a pat on the head or a participation medal, we just want job security and a living wage, like every generation before us.

The perception that millennials are lazy is wrong. They just want something different from what baby boomers had and continue to expect. Organizations need to adapt to the changing workforce.



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