Gmail Smart Compose - How To Use It for Email Marketing -

The New Gmail Experience for Email Marketing. Here's how to turn on Gmail Smart Compose, how to use it:

Google's telling me how to write my email now. So much for the idea for an app. But yes, your "robots are coming" scenario has merit. Self-aware AI will lurk, undetected (probably buried in multiple complex systems), studying, self-modifying, etc., until the day it is ready to - well, I'll leave that to your worst nightmares!

Gmail's new auto-complete feature is like a tiny ghost racing to finish your email before you can, and it's rather distracting/unhelpful.

According to an article published in Buisiness Insider -

Gmail can now autocomplete entire emails with a new feature called Smart Compose — here's how to turn it on.

"The very first thing you'll need to do is activate the new Gmail experience, if you haven't already. (Don't worry, you can always go back to the "Classic" look at any time.)
You'll get a cute little welcome greeting that lets you know you've activated the new Gmail design.

Now that you're in the new Gmail, visit your Settings. Click the gear icon in the top-right corner of the screen.

On the General tab in your settings, scroll down and you'll see an option called "Enable experimental access." Turn it on. This will cause Gmail to automatically refresh.
Now that your Gmail is open to experiments, return to your settings. You should see a new option called "Smart Compose." Make sure writing suggestions are turned on. That's it!" Buisiness Insider
- Gmail auto-suggest contact suggestions change - (Business Insider)

Smart Compose not only writes just like I do, it also constantly reminds me that the robots are coming and we won't recognize them because they learned to talk by watching us. I saw that the other day

The amount of data Gmail smart compose is sending to the server is staggering. Not only does it send names, subject, body, it sends a log of when you last typed keys into the text box.

Gmail Autocomplete Turn off

I don't really see a problem, I mean, it's obvious that it knows what you are typing, what's the problem of it knowing when you're typing it? Maybe this is for figuring out if something was pasted or written by hand, or to prevent bots.

- Turning Off Email Address Autocorrect Infographic -

In conclusion, I guess long term Google will just ship an "[ ] enable keylogger" checkbox for extra intelligence, there is tons to learn from passed failed drafts?

I turned it off, it's even more annoying than predictive text used to be on mobile/cell phones. I'd rather write my own emails than have a robot write them for me



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