How to Find Marketing & Advertising Jobs (Without a College Degree) -

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Are you looking for employment opportunities in advertising and marketing and have the experience, but no college degree?

Here's how you can focus on joining a professional marketing team without having an advanced degree.

How Much do Marketing Managers Make?

Marketing managers made a median salary of $131,180 in 2016. On the low end, they earned $67,490, while the highest-paid made $208,000 or more. According to UsNews

The ideal candidate should be skilled enough to shape new proposal and presentation processes, goals for business development, and reporting for any marketing team. Do you really need to have a college education? 

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Research shows that, even though "associate degrees in marketing are available, though generally, this degree level won't do more than help you land an entry-level job, such as a marketing office assistant or media assistant. ... However, most careers in marketing will require at least a bachelor's degree to competitively enter the field." According to Allbusinessschools

The quote reveals that most design positions, candidates are expected to have a basic understanding of design that will work in assist in landing entry-level positions in marketing and advertising.
Bachelor's degree in Marketing, Communications, or related discipline is required for higher paying jobs in this field. 

Tips for Landing Your First Digital Marketing Job - According to Digital Marketing Institute 

  • "Get advertising experience. Gaining experience in Facebook Advertising and Google AdWords may take some time, but it's well worth it. ...
  • Rethink your email address. ...
  • Optimize your Linkedin presence. ...
  • Proactively apply for jobs. ...
  • Never stop networking. ...
  • Get to know the companies in which you're interested."
- Landing Fashion Marketing Jobs with the World's Top Brands -

Where to Find Marketing and Advertising Jobs? 
After reading through hundreds of job descriptions only, we recommend using Indeed because they have the most complete job site online for millennials who are interested in marketing and advertising. Find Jobs on-the-go. Find reviews and salaries. It's the world's best job site. Easy resume upload.


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