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The Millennial Woman's Influence on SEO Marketing. This first-ever illuminating guide unlocks the secrets, values, attitudes, and lifestyles of the millennial woman and offers a clear strategy on how to manage, market, and bond with them. This blog is your opportunity to get to know them.

Millennial women are confident, strong, bursting with ideas, tech savvy, and champion multi-taskers. They influence every aspect of American business. We’ll be sharing tips and insights to help millennial women learn more about entrepreneurial opportunities. With off-the-charts buying power, their effect on the economy is unprecedented. So, how can corporate America connect with, understand, and communicate with these 40-million-strong powerhouses? 

Here's what we know so far, according to Buzzfeed, "37% of millennial men said all things being equal, they'd prefer a male candidate.Just 16% of women said they’d prefer a woman."
I'm asking what they classify as convenience? Like what are the options? Is being financially stable an option? Is safety an option? It makes it sound like women make this decision lightly and don't care. No woman makes this decision lightly.

- The Millennial Woman on YouTube -

Where to Market to Millennial Women - Where do Millennial women live online?

According to GirlPowerMarketing - "A full 90% of Millennial women indicate that they use Facebook every week. They also make up most of the users on Pinterest and Instagram. All three social channels provide excellent opportunities to build a relationship with these consumers and grow awareness for your brand.

Smart marketers create opportunities to connect openly with these women, either by participating in online conversations, using hashtags or creating giveaways. Photos and funny videos get the most attention from this group. As marketers, you should make sure both are in your marketing arsenals.
And while it’s safe to say most Millennial women live and breathe online, they also rely on in-person conversations to sway purchases. Nearly 70% seeking in-person word-of-mouth recommendations from friends, family and their online communities.

I love how the woman tries to use "you come from a different generation" as a defense for her harassment of the Spanish-speaking women. Networking conferences for millennial women are big business, but I can’t understand any Millennial woman who isn’t a Feminists. Honestly! It’s like being black and not caring about racism. Probably just another avocado-toast eating millennial fighting racism at a convenience store near you. 

A recent study revealed that 43% of millennial women would start a business within the next year if they had the right resources.

Millennial Women Spending Habits -

According to Levo - in an article called 'Why Millennial Women Buy' - "Millennial women are a forcing function for innovation, both as consumers and in their careers. They are now both chief earner and chief spender, and it is critical for brands to understand and recognize the role career plays in their consumer habits,” Alisa Leonard, President at Levo, said of the report.

“Brands who understand and execute upon the values of diversity and inclusion, personalization, transparent and sustainable practices and meaningful engagement will win with this audience."
- Labor Laws Infographic - In four countries women cannot register a business. In 18 a husband can stop his wife working.(Economist)
The Inforgraphic reveals, that there is a staggering difference in the salaries of the highest paid men and women in the world.
The report found that Millennial women are interested in brands with which they are proud to be associated, and they are intrigued by stories they can connect with. More than 47 percent knew the origin story of their favorite brand and 83 percent of respondents told us that a brand’s sustainability practices in influenced their purchase decision.
But millennial women aren't just spending, they are also paying off debt. Undergraduate debt is higher for women than it is for men, and by as much as 12 percent for women with children.8 To compound the stress, 85 percent of them also have a mortgage of between $100K and $300K."

In conclusion, I know that it can be tricky to understand the mindset of another generation, and this book sums it up beautifully. When you learn more about Millennials as a whole, it helps you get why they are they way they are, and this can be very empowering for those who work with or interface with them regularly. 

It helps eliminate opportunities or excuses for judgement and stereotyping that can get one into trouble! The breadth of her research and understanding is impressively consolidated into this handy read, which is perfect for professionals who are busy and on-the-go. The blog is also written in a very friendly, conversational tone that I think will appeal to all, regardless of generation!



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