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- Monopoly For Millennials! Making Fun of NPC Culture With Hasbro!! -

Millennials mad about Millennial Monopoly is the most Millennial thing.

This is hilarious...Please tell me there is something about being perpetually offended somewhere in the game!?
- What People On Twitter Are Saying About Monopoly For Millennials? -

They should be mad. How does this happen? Yeah, all the older generations are buying up the game while driving away future generations from buying their products makes good business sense.

How To Play Monopoly For Millennials? 

All of the low rent properties are just different rooms in your parent's house.

  • Maroon: Parent's Garage, Murphy bed in Den that used to be your room.
  • Light Blue: Your Old Room, Parent's Basement, Attic. 
  • Fucia: Pool House, Grand-parent's Spare Room, Family Rental Condo.

Someone should be fired for misreading how amazing Millennials are and how much they share our values, they just want to do it differently, but like this.

Well, according to an article published by Alyssa Newcomb posted in NBCNEWS.

Hasbro’s new “Monopoly for Millennials” isn’t winning too many fans in the age group it was meant to entertain.

The new game, announced earlier this week, is full of Millennial stereotypes that seem to have struck a nerve with the demographic.

When Baby boomers bought property it was market value just because in areas like California and New York or any real major city it is sky it isn’t directly BB fault, POC are not the only ones sent to jail but good job bringing race into it. Most millennials are lazy.
- Monopoly For Millennials Board Game: Unboxing -

On the cover of the game, Mr. Monopoly is wearing a medal, presumably from that half marathon he ran, holding a coffee, wearing headphones and snapping a selfie.
“Forget real estate.
You can’t afford it, anyway,” reads the cover of the game. That one stings, according to some millennials who took to — where else — Twitter to voice their irritation over “the most condescending game ever.” - NBCNEWS 

Come on, really! I hope Millennials did not design this?  My hope will shatter.

Millennials complaining about it on Twitter, but also buying it to the point of being sold out is also a pretty millennial thing. Being as it is flying off the shelves, I guess they were right about it being a good idea.



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