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Writing good landing page copy isn’t just important—it’s essential. Here’s the good news...You don’t have to be a bona-fide journalist or content expert to learn how to write copy. You need a few fabulous tips.

After building 10,000’s of landing pages, here are my seven most valuable tips for the hottest affiliate landing pages right now. We’re going to review the most popular landing pages that affiliates are using and break down how you can double your conversions.
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1. "Use the word “get” in your CTA.

Words — individual, single, words — make a difference.

You’ve probably heard all the statistics about how “free” is a really great word (and you should use it).

2. Make people feel pain.

Pain is one of the marketer’s greatest weapons.

This sounds more violent than it actually is. Your potential customers are already feeling pain. They are experiencing one of the following types of pain:
Anticipatory pain – The pain of something negative happening in the future. E.g., They will not have enough money saved for retirement.
Actual pain – The pain of something currently happening. E.g., They have a roach infestation in their basement.
Loss aversion pain – The pain of losing something. This pain is twice as powerful as the psychological joy of gaining something of equal value. E.g., Losing money by overpaying on vehicle insurance premiums.

3. Nail it with intent.

User intent is one of the most overlooked features in all of conversion optimization and landing page optimization. SEOs have known for a while that user intent shapes an SEO strategy. Somehow, not everyone has gotten the memo. Like landing pages.

If your landing page doesn’t address the intent of the user, then it will fail to convert them.

4. Double up on your CTA.

You already know that the CTA is the single most powerful part of your entire landing page. What if you could enhance the power of your CTA to produce even more conversions? You can, and here is how to do it:

Don’t provide just one call to action. Put two CTAs in one action." Source (Crazy Egg)

Follow these Landing Page Hacks that will get you more leads. 



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