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Are you currently selling products online from your Facebook page?

I use Facebook app to run my store https://www.slackful.com' what a Joke. I have been battling with Facebook for over a month to fix the issues with my store so we can start using our Facebook shop.

How to Create a Facebook Shop and let shoppers buy your products from Facebook.

At first, it's believed to be the perfect platform to share your collections.

  • Post collections to your Facebook timeline to highlight products and increase their discoverability.
  • Post shoppable Facebook photos
  • Build engagement around your products by tagging them in your photos and letting shoppers purchase from your posts.

I use my shop on Facebook for basic use and unreliable functionality. Apparently neither SHOPIFY guru team nor FB support understand what the app does and when or why (not).
- Facebook MarketPlace Feed -

I have no access to my catalogue because it is not owned by my FB accounts, and nobody knows how access can be generated. After endless chats with both sides I have set up a new catalogue - only to be stuck at a point where it doesn't allow to connect to the FB pixel on my store. 

I spoke to 6 FB agents and 3 Shopify agents, countless screenshots and screencasts and 3 weeks later: Nothing. Brilliant example of a system that seems to be too complex for anyone to get a grip at if things go wrong.

Issues with Facebook Shop -

Facebook blocks anything that has the word Shopify in it. Facebook has locked my store and after messaging Facebook every hour on the hour for a month they finally reset my shop. I thought cool finally it's fixed. Nope back to square one. Facebook won't let my products from Shopify get imported into my store. Facebook's shop now button well that is once again not working. Same goes with Instagram.

We have to post our products on our news feed on Facebook then direct the customers to our shopify store by using a personal domain name we had to buy that doesn't have the shopify name in it. Even then customers are Leary because they want to buy in the Facebook shop not some store with a dot com that might be a scam. If Facebook see's any products you have in your Shopify store Facebook will post the identical products cheaper and not your products that came from Shopify. It's like Facebook is trying to get rid of Shopify.

This is total ridicules. Mean while while I'm fighting with Facebook I have lost out on the Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Small Business Customers not to mention lost a ton of money thanks to Facebook. Still Nothing is fixed. We are going on 2 months now. 

Customers on Facebook are starting to think we are trying to run a scam with all the problems of not being able to reach our Facebook Shop. You still have to pay shopify for the monthly fees even if you can't use your store or get any traffic. This weekend we have had 20 people inquiring about a product.

- Facebook Marketing -

Once we told them they had to go to our online store and gave them the link, they were gone like hotcakes. This has been a nightmare & I don't see a end to this yet. You ask why not use a different platform? Why pay out all this money to different platforms for your store if you can't bring and traffic or money in. You would be throwing money out the window.

Conclusion -

Oh and another thing Facebook rejects a huge number of products even if they aren't any type of promoting alcohol, drugs, smoking etc... Their automated reply is Check the Community Standards Policy. The Customer Service sucks. You will never get anyone to help you. Its all generated messages and they don't have a customer service phone number because Facebook knows their customer service sucks and they don't want to hear from the angry public.



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