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Which color do you think is best for your brand? This is a really helpful blog post. Whenever brainstorming for logo or brand colour.

I had a conversation with a potential client about a branding project yesterday. The chat was going... fine?

I've done thousands of these calls and I wasn't hearing the client "flip" or be bought in as we talked about the business and the value they were hoping to get.

We discussed the trajectory of the product and the need for brand improvements at this stage. We discussed ROI and what they wanted from our work. We talked in-depth about the industry as a whole and how they are differentiating themselves.

I happen to know a lot about this particular industry, so I was hoping my intimate knowledge of this type of business would help the client switch their perspective from viewing us as a "vendor" to seeing us as valuable experts able to provide major impact.

But it wasn't working. At all. The conversation shifted to him asking questions about what made us more qualified than other people for this work. I was left justifying our expertise & trying to convince the client that we were the best people for the job. Not a good place to be.

The conversation was wrapping up, and I wasn't happy with where things were. The client hadn't flipped and obviously still viewed us as a vendor. This means I can't deliver a proposal that demands the types of rates we deserve and that will compensate us appropriately.

Conclusion -

This also means that, if they somehow pick us for this work, we're not walking into the relationship with the credibility we need to make recommendations that will provide a massive return on investment for the client, even if those recommendations are at odds with their opinions.



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