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When building your agency, it's extremely important to target the correct industries for work. This could actually make or break your agency.

The reason for these industries paying so much to agencies is due to the sheer amount of funding they receive from investors.

  • Gaming Industry -

Gaming industry is changing. Will we have microtransactions in every game soon? At least it seems like it for now. Almost each of a new game has some sort of MTX. And I wonder, if it's not possible to make a simple - just a game with pure gameplay this days, with profit for devs.

The reason I gave up pursuing my path in the gaming industry... was while I had good ideas, and had decent enough skill at art. I wasn't any good at the technical side of it. That's what you need to succeed in Game Design.

  • Airline Industry -

Reality check: Two US limo companies are about to be capitalized at about $105B.  The four largest US airlines’ total market cap is $84B.  

The US auto industry’s is $94B.
Globally, the airline industry will transport more than 4 billion passengers and over 60 million tons of cargo per year.

They receive insane amounts of funding so they feel comfortable throwing money at agencies who can do the work they require. ⁣
  • Banking Industry -

As the emergence of mobile money services in the Nigerian financial sector continues to generate speculations about whether or not it poses a significant threat to the banking industry, the CEO of United Bank for Africa (UBA), Kennedy Uzoka, sees it differently.

Through social media marketing, the banking industry managed to engage young entrepreneurs in mentorship activities, promoting them as community pillars especially in ensuring peace and leadership.

By targeting these industries (minus porn) I have been able to scale my agency to over six figures and I recommend you do the same!

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