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eBay is great. Lower fees than Amazon, small learning curve. No need to advertise or market - just learn product research, pricing and keywords. 

But there is listing fees on top of seller fees. There’s platforms with bigger audiences (Amazon) and eBay has been weird ever since late 2018 when they banned retail Dropshipping (why we teach wholesale). Shopify. Low fees. 

Simple set up for creating a store compared to other hosting platforms (that’s all it is), but you have to do your own marketing. Build the website yourself or pay for someone to do it. 
Do ALL of your own advertising, learn how to follow trends to find products that may or may not sell. 

Price Comparison -

Decide if you want to do IG, Facebook Ads, search engine ads, and a ton more... not very beginner friendly. 

(One of the many reasons we don’t teach Shopify and why no one else should be teaching it unless they’re doing product research For You)... Amazon is the best for many reasons. Like eBay, and opposite of Shopify, no marketing or advertising skills are required. No learning how to find trending products only. 

A low monthly fee. 15% seller fees (slightly higher than eBay) but with the biggest audience in the WORLD, these tiny fees really are nearly non-existent after you start making sales. 

Personal brand recognition comes when developing your own brand on Amazon, you can use amazon fulfilment centres, and you can list on brand name items where the listing ALREADY exists on Amazon, already selling - all you need to do is jump on the same listing. 
Ecommerce comparisonConclusion -
There is a lot more that goes into making these businesses successful, but this short comparison should help you understand where you should start, and where you want to end up long term. 
Shopify is fun but tough and not very teachable so we’re always weary of people selling Shopify courses. 

eBay is fun, simple enough but has very slow growth patterns even for more experienced sellers because of the platforms limitations and policies. 
And amazon is great, slightly more difficult to learn but is the most lucrative platform to be selling on this year, and this decade.



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