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Local search trends from 2019. We talk a lot about local search and local search trends here at DiscoverDior’ and in the industry as a whole.
- Best Type of Clients to Sign (Infographic) -

How can local businesses respond?

Most people aim for local businesses due to how easy you can reach the business owner. But many people don't realise that you can actually quite easy get through to start-up business owners since there isn't yet a high chain of command within the company. ⁣

How have consumers changed the way they interact with local businesses? 

VC backed startups have incredible amounts of funding specifically put in place for things like marketing, design and development. 

They are also great to network with since they normally have great connections such as other startup owners and even investors they could introduce you to. ⁣
Angel-backed startups also have great amounts of funding but are generally less than VC backed. It's also slightly harder to find and get in touch with angel backed startups due to the smaller amounts of publicity they receive. ⁣
Local businesses are great for those who want to do easier projects on a smaller retainer basis. ⁣
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