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Getting business owners to trust you is the pinnacle of all agency success. ⁣

Business Trust

It is becoming common practice for business owners to view their employees as their successors. 

We have assisted a number of businesses transition to Employee Ownership, read more about the tax reliefs available here. 

Societal taboos around money can hurt a home business owner. We believe that changing your attitude about wealth can improve an entrepreneurs’ chances of gaining wealth, more business profits, and greater financial resilience. 

You must do everything you can to garner trust from business owners otherwise your business will be nothing.⁣

The owners of most small businesses will work from home at least occasionally. In these cases, the taxpayer may claim an appropriate proportion of his or her household bills as a business expense including heating and lighting costs and council tax.

Conclusion -

Too many people focus on the money too soon, whereas you should instead focus on positioning yourself to gain trust, then the money will follow.⁣
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