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How to change your life in 5 years!

This is probably one of the most powerful posts i've ever created but it just really does speak facts. 

If you follow this process step by step, putting the right systems, processes and strategies in place as you go along, I guarantee you will be on to a winner.

First things first, LEARN A SKILL

If you're unskilled, uneducated, or don't have any area of particular expertise, you need to up skill yourself. Read books, join a mastermind, take a course. Whatever it is, learn a skill you ENJOY!

Next, APPLY IT. 

  • There is a difference between SELF DEVELOPMENT and SHELF DEVELOPMENT. If you want to win in life, APPLY what you learn. Don't just read a book, put it on the shelf and forget about it. Actually do something with it by using the strategies you've learnt.


  • When you get to a certain point of knowledge (you'll know when the right time is) start spreading the knowledge you've learnt! Share the things that resonate with you most. Whether that's how to cook an amazing meal for your family, or whether it's how to make $100,000 a year. Whatever your THING is... share it!


  • Once you've been around for some time, sharing free value every day, there will come a point in time where your following demands more from you. They will be inquisitive, they will treat you like an expert and want to know more from you. When that happens, SERVE THEM!


  • Never stop learning and never stop growing. Keep building your own level of expertise and keep providing the value to your customers and your audience. The more you grow the more your customers grow and the more they grow the more your business grows. That's the game guys!

Do you have a 5 year plan?

To conclude, hopefully this pushes some of you in the right direction. I know the hustle can be tough, but if you follow grounded principles like the above and stop trying to cut corners, you will succeed on your journey.

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