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Are you new, and want to know how can I use dropshipping, where should I start? 

To get started with Shopify it's free to start. If you have a high volume of clients, then you pay for a subscription. Oberlo is the APP shopify uses to handle your orders. It's not hard. Time consuming, yes....But it's fun and worth it once you see customers and you make your first sale.

Start a dropshipping business with only a few clicks? Yes, and also a few dollars. This business is washed up, and the majority of people will not make money due to the fact that millions of people are doing it. Trying to make money in this business is like trying to flip houses or start a porn site. It's 2018. Too late!!

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The most issue that users have is with the wait time and delivery time, how to get these products to customers faster?  

The lead times are the reality of drop shipping items from overseas -- it, of course, takes longer than domestic products. Some suppliers offer expedited shipping, but that can often cost more than the item that is being shipped, so it's not very economical.

Lead times are generally 12-25 days using e-Packet and that is the fastest way to get products to your customers. The best thing to do is to be transparent with your customers about the lead times, that way on the back-end you won't have as many customer complaints or inquiries.  

The e packets' most of them require (because of customs) to show the price of the item, can that be changed so the customer does not see what you paid? Unfortunately the price on the package can not be changed because it is legally required to be there. 

However, if a customer asks why the price is different, you can let them know it is set that way for customs and duties.

Using Oberlo you've got access to the entire AliExpress catalog, so there certainly aren't too many limitations to the types of products you can source. 

It doesn’t matter where you’re located - you can run a drop-shipping store using Oberlo from any country in the world!  We are amazed by their application. We did start yesterday through Shopify 14days trial. It appears that we need to pay starting $29USD per month before you can accept orders by removing storefront password. If you really want to start  an eCommerce business though at a learning stage, read this blog for a positive outcome in the future.

There's a few things people should keep in mind before starting a drop shipping business: 

Most importantly, you NEVER see the actual items your customers are getting yet you're still responsible for everything that goes out..the only thing you'll have on your end is stock photos, which opens you up to all kinds of scammers and other'll never be able to show your customers a pic of the exact item they're getting, and you'll never be able to win a dispute over whether or not your customers got the right item, intact, or on time...because you never actually have the items in your hands, you'll never know the true condition of the items, and since you don't ship it yourself, you have to rely on others to keep you up to date on the shipping (and many many wholesalers from overseas DO NOT update their tracking once they make shipping labels, so you'll hardly be able to answer where the package is..or if its even left yet..and if someone asks you why tracking hasn't been updated, you wont have an answer for that).

Keep in mind scammers love drop shippers because of these things..they can get your stuff, claim its wrong or messed up, get their money back and then turn and sell what they got from you..some sellers require pictures of items in order to give refunds, but even that can backfire because you never actually held/saw what was shipped to start with...
We always suggest merchants order a sample of their products first. This way you can check the quality and shipping before selling it to your customers! 

Conclusion -

Sorry to be a downer, but these are things we've noticed/heard from other drop shippers..its great when the goings good, but when things go bad they can go really flipping is a whole lot "safer".

It’s not too late everyone is shopping NOT in the stores but online and IF you know who your specific niche is then people will buy since when did anyone say money or selling is a ship sailed? If anything it’s the EASIEST now all you do is pay from your phone- exactly why it’s not washed up you may just not be doing it properly. If you find this blog useful leave a comment and share it on social  media, to help others with useful information.



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