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How To Build a Solid Career in the Music Business!

Did you know that there are hundreds of music producers that makes $5,000 or more every month producing and selling Hip Hop beats to rappers?

Ordinary guys just like you, except that they have found a way to make a full time living from their bedroom studio doing something they love. They are connecting with artists online who are buying and leasing their beats.

Most of these music producers have never even released a major record, yet they are able to make thousands of dollars every month from their hobby. All thanks to the internet and numerous social media channels that act as their personal ATM's.

This book will show you how you can do it too. Even if you are a beginner at music production. You will learn which sequencer are best for absolute beginners and you can start with almost no investment. You don't need a professional recording studio. A laptop, sound card and a simple sequencer is all you need. 

But it does not stop there. This book will also teach you the crucial music promotion and marketing techniques that most other producers don't know about. These social media marketing techniques will bring you in front of the crowd and help selling your music.

You will learn where to get your own music store for free and how to build a web presence that will showcase your beats.
Find out how to make promotion videos with tools you already have on your computer and master underground strategies for YouTube that will get you thousands of views every day and help your videos go viral. Imagine how many beats you could sell if your beat videos were getting thousands of views every single day? 

You will learn how to master Twitter and get hundreds if not thousands of new targeted followers to your profile every day. Imagine sending out a tweet each time you have uploaded a new beat and instantly 10,000 or more artists and fans will know about it. 

Finally combine all this and grow a huge fan page on Facebook using secret tactics that are very sneaky but will legally steal fans from your competitors pages without them even realizing it.

- The cover of 'Make Money Selling Beats' -

Here are just some of the things you will learn in this book

  • Step 1 – Produce Beats Easy 
  • Step 2 – Payment Processing 
  • Step 3 – You Own Music Store 
  • Step 4 – Create a Website 
  • Step 5 – YouTube ATM 
  • Step 6 – Twitter Explosion 
  • Step 7 – Facebook Fever 
  • Step 8 – Scale up Your Business

In this book you will get the full business plan and marketing strategies that can take you from being someone who has never created a beat before to becoming a pro music producer who is earning a great daily income.

It's currently 2019 and we have done a lot of research on Internet marketing. The author gives you the nuts and bolts of a lot of successful internet marketing techniques such as having a free offer for an opt in page, utilizing an autoresponder, SEO, creating a membership site, and branding yourself with a domain name. 

Also he explains how to make passive income on a couple of popular beat making sites and even how to create your own.



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