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London's Southbank Centre Market is a chance for visitors and locals to shop, eat, and enjoy holiday festivities along the Thames River.

The market isn't just a prime spot to pick up rare gifts from vendors. Organizers hold many winter-themed events and have two giant rides for visitors to enjoy. The market is open until shortly after New Years Day.

Had a nice evening with a friend around Southbank last night, enjoying the Underbelly Christmas Market! I love that there's almost ways something going on in Southbank. Its such a fun place to spend a few hours.

- London Eye (Skyline) -

Feeling incredibly saddened by the attack on innocent Londoners earlier today. A prayer for those who lost their lives, the injured and their loved ones. And praise to the courageous public that risked their own lives and intervened. Terror will never win or turn out our lights.


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Conclusion - Share this with a friend who you'd love to take a Ferris wheel ride with, then leave a comment and check out how other cities are celebrating Christmas.



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